‘Zodiac’ to Be Made by ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Creators [Video]

The creators of widely successful video games such as Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy have announced a new game in the making entitled Zodiac. The game is an action-packed RPG that allows players to take control of twelve different gods, each representing a sign of the astrological Zodiac.

The inclusion of Zodiac signs within video games has been nearly nonexistent up to this point, although the subject matter lends itself perfectly over to the world of role-playing titles. In Zodiac, players will be able to switch on a dime to any of the twelve gods representing signs such as Pisces, Leo, Aquarius, Libra and Sagittarius.

Each god will also belong to a different class that comes equipped with its own set of skills. The gods have the ability to level up said skills and develop new ones as gameplay advances. All of the classes within the game will be partial to some type of element. For example, the Pisces god will have an affinity with water while a Leo has one with fire. The trend continues in accordance with whatever element the sign originates from.

Kobojo is the head company that is presenting Zodiac and it is said that many of the developers from Square Enix, the company who created games like Kingdom Hearts, are working with Kobojo now to bring the new title to the spotlight. The game was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan and was displayed by being played on a PlayStation Vita and an Apple iPad. Although not all compatible devices have been announced, it is known that the game will be touch-based so it will most likely only be available for mobile gaming consoles and possibly on application stores like iTunes and Google Play.

The art design of Zodiac features colorful two-dimensional Japanese-inspired backgrounds with animé-like characters that stay true to the tone Square Enix and Kobojo have set in the past. Kobojo also has a history of creating games for social media use as well as free-to-play apps. The business model still remains unconfirmed if the title will be available for purchase in physical stores or will serve as a free download with in-game purchases.

The gameplay of Zodiac will reflect that of former Final Fantasy titles. The game will have a turn-based style of combat in which players literally take turns with their enemies to strategize the best method of attacks in hopes of coming out of the battle as the winner. The title is also said to have a mass multiplayer mode where users can play against their friends online or go up against a total stranger playing the game on the opposite side of the world. It has been stated that Zodiac will feature a very in-depth storyline and will not be merely a hack-and-slash multiplayer title.

As Zodiac continues to be made into perfection by the Kingdom Hearts creators, players anticipating the title will have to wait until mid-2015 to get their hands on the astrological RPG. A trailer for Zodiac can be viewed below.

By Cody Collier

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2 Responses to "‘Zodiac’ to Be Made by ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Creators [Video]"

  1. Steven   October 6, 2014 at 8:52 am

    Will this be released on PS4?

    • Cody Collier   October 6, 2014 at 3:04 pm

      Hi Steven, it has been uncomfirmed if the game will release for PS4 yet. All that is known is that it is playable on PSVita and iOS devices, as it was shown at the Tokyo game show.


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