22 Jump Street Seriously Funny Follow Up (DVD Review/Trailer)


It almost feels like 2014 is the year of the comedic sequel, Dumb and Dumber To, Horrible Bosses 2 and earlier than both these, 22 Jump Street which is now out on Blu Ray and DVD; the film is a seriously funny follow up to the original. While it is not perfection, the second pairing of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, and Ice Cube stepping in as the head of Jump Street again, works very well overall. This sequel picks up the pace just a little and Peter Stormare has a brilliant cameo as the nostalgic drug lord The Ghost, who misses the good old days.

Hill and Tatum are back as Schmidt and Jenko along with Ice Cube as Captain Dickerson who sends the two cops to college after their attempt to bust The Ghost, who is smuggling illegal animals and selling them, goes badly. The pair almost take the man down but Schmidt blows the operation at the last minute. The actors repeat their performances as the two bumbling cops from the last film but amp everything up. Both men take their characters to that next level of comic turns.

This time both men do look that little bit older and it is remarked upon several times in the film. Most hilariously by the roommate of the girl that Hill’s character first has sex with and later stays up all night talking to. Mercedes, the roommate, zooms in on how old Schmidt, aka Doug, looks the morning after the pair have sex saying that he must be 40. Later the sarcastic student points out that he has more problems than her dead roommate.

Towards the end of the film the plump girl, who turns out to be a villain, keeps attempting to kiss Schmidt because she is convinced he is “Mr. and Mrs. Smithing” her. In this seriously funny follow up to 21 Jump Street the guys are looking for the pusher of a designer drug at a college. The jokes come fast and furious in 22 Jump Street, and at the beginning of the film a big hint is given that there will be a 23 Jump Street. Although some of these gags may just miss their mark, regardless of whether all the jokes work or not, the movie is definitely aa overall winner in the laughs department.

There are the usual conflicts between the partners, Tatum’s Jenko is still a brainless jock and Hill’s Schmidt is still the misfit who does not feel he fits in. The latter character has his parents show up for “parent’s day” and one of the funnier scenes in the film takes place at a dinner with “Doug’s” girlfriend’s father and mother. Doug’s date is his captain’s daughter and there are several gags that address Dickerson’s rage about this fact.

Stormare is excellent as the older criminal who misses the old days of selling heroin and cocaine, which Mercedes dismisses as old person’s drugs. Jillian Bell (Bridesmaids, The Master) is truly brilliant as the roommate from hell and drug “queenpin” of the college. The long fight between her and Jonah Hill is a highlight of the movie. Queen Latifah and Seth Rogen have very small cameos in the film as does Richard Grieco who reprises his role, for a split second, as Officer Booker from the TV series 21 Jump Street. Fans of the first film who may have missed this sequel at the cinema will enjoy this madhouse romp and seriously funny follow up to the first film. 22 Jump Street is now on Blu Ray and DVD and can be streamed as well.

By Michael Smith