Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Continue

Bill Cosby

Rape and sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby continue. However, the comedian received a standing ovation in Florida after an appearance. His representatives continue to express his innocence in the matter.

Another two women have spoken out about sexual assaults by the comedian. One of those was Renita Chaney Hill. She claims that Cosby raped her during the 1980s. She was on his program Picture Pages and claims that he drugged her and then sexually assaulted her. She was just 15 at the time. This was not a consideration at the time, as Hill was in an on-off-relationship with him. However, now she believes that the drinks he used to offer her were drugged.

She says that she remembers him touching and kissing her just before passing out after a drink. She can still remember the cigar taste in his mouth, and did not like what was happening. She also remembers waking up next to him and he mentioned that she needed to lose a little weight. At the time, she just wondered how he knew. Cosby was paying for her college tuition, but at 19 she decided to end the relationship.

Kristina Ruehli also claims that she was drugged by the actor when she was 22. She was an Artists Agency Corp assistant at the time, where he was a client. She was named in Andrea Constand’s previously settled lawsuit against the comedian.

As the rape allegations continue against Cosby, he has been faced with numerous show cancellations. Some of those are certainly by him, but it is possible that producers do not want to bring the problems to them.

In a rare appearance, he did receive a standing ovation in Florida. He joked about his regular material, including his childhood, family and wives. He has never brought up the allegations, and refuses to acknowledge them. No charges have ever been brought against him due to the allegations, so he does not need to answer to anything just yet. He claims that people should fact check before they start believing anything people are saying.

Cosby is not the first celebrity to be accused of sexual assault over the last couple of years. As usual, when one person finally comes forward, others do to. Ruehli said that she was coming forward because she wanted to add credibility to the story. She does not need the aggravation or money, but she wanted to back the other women in their aim to get some closure.

Beth Ferrier has also come forward with allegations, despite trying to stay out of the spotlight for some time. She started a relationship with the man in 2006, but now believes that he had tried to slip something into a cappuccino in the 1980s.

It is a difficult situation. He is still to be charged of anything, but it is damaging his reputation. A number of his stand-up gigs have been cancelled, along with TV appearances. Just recently, his appearance with David Letterman was cancelled, following a cancellation from Queen Latifah’s daytime talk show. Cosby’s rape allegations continue as more women decide to step forward.

By Alexandria Ingham



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