Z Nation Sisters of Mercy (Recap and Review)


After all that Mack and Addy have gone through together, Z Nation piled on the pressure for these two love birds in Sisters of Mercy. The pair follow Citizen Z’s instructions and after the redhead kills four zombies, doing a version of Cinderella, the couple stumble into Lt. Warren and the remainder of the Murphy group. Addy once again acts pretty strange when the reunited survivors stumble across “Chester” whose head Addy immediately pulverizes with her bat.

Warren questions Mack about his girlfriend’s odd behaviour and he says that she is working through some “stuff.” The eye in the sky reveals that California is back up and that the mission is still on for Murphy to save mankind. The team move on, with the saviour eating brains from a can, and they spot a couple of young zombies. Addy insists that they stop and when she goes to give the kid zombie in the flowered shirt mercy, she freezes. In her mind she sees her brother, but when Mack calls her name, she reacts and kills it.

A little further down the road they come across a live boy, also in a flowered shirt and he tells Warren that he is on his way to Salt Lake City to see his dad. After she tries to tell the youngster that the city has been overrun, he does not believe her, she convinces him that they are out of food. The boy offers to take them to his friend Helen who will help them. Once the group show up, Mack gets out of the vehicle only to be shot at by women who are standing guard by the facility’s gate.

Sam, the rescued boy, goes up to the gate and he tells Helen that the people are nice and that they just need food. Seeing Cassandra is wounded the leader of the camp offers to help, but tells them the men have to stay outside. Warren, Addy and Cassandra are allowed in for 24 hours to get treatment, food and to rest. Inside, the compound is all green grass, trees, homegrown vegetables and the atmosphere is friendly. Addy meets a young girl who she bonds with immediately.

While the group are eating Warren learns that Helen’s husband built the compound. Warren goes to check on Cassandra and the patient reveals that all the boys are forced to leave the safety of the camp when they reach 13 leaving only women and children. Doc, 10K, Mack and Murphy set up camp outside the facility. One of the female guards comes out with pies and she makes a beeline for Murphy. He chases off 10K and the two spend the rest of the episode of Sisters of Mercy in a tent. Z Nation leaves the saviour of mankind to have fun while Addy is brainwashed by Helen.

The leader of the camp zeroes in on the damaged girl and when Addy breaks down while telling about having to kill her mother and brother, Helen comforts the sobbing girl. The woman promises her that she never needs to go through anything like that again. A jeep comes in with a new woman who has clearly been beaten and, as Warren and Addy look on, Helen explains that they will punish the man responsible. She also reveals that they believe all men are bad.

The woman’s attacker is taken and put into a shed with a zombie bear and a horrified Doc sees the whole thing. Helen comes and tells Warren and Addy that there are two more women “out there” who need rescuing and she asks Addy to help. The lieutenant also offers to come along and as the men sit eating pie, the women drive past on their way to rescue the “two sisters.” Using Addy and another sister as bait, the women catch the men, with their two captive females, and punish them.

Helen gets Addy to kill one and leaves him to turn so he can attack the two other men. Warren is dismayed at this turn of events and she tries to stop her friend and colleague. Helen tells Warren that she does not want to get in her way. The women drive off after Addy shoots the young man and as they pass by the men of their group, Warren hops out of the jeep and tells the rest of the gang that they need to leave.

Back in the camp, Helen continues her brainwashing of Addy using the young woman’s love for Mack against her. Addy comes out to tell Mack she is staying. He is not pleased and he follows her to the gate. While Cassandra and Warren try to reason with the confused girl, Murphy’s new playmate is sent back to the camp and the leader of the three men Helen left to die grabs the woman as she returns to the compound.

The man holds a gun to the woman’s head outside the gate and as Helen and her guards get ready to fire at him and his hostage, Mack comes up and shoots the man in the head. Addy and Mack speak once again at the gate and after declaring her love, Addy turns to go back into the camp. Mack goes to follow and he is shot. Warren grabs the wounded man and as they go to leave, Mack jumps out of vehicle and when the Lieutenant stops him he threatens to shoot her.

By the end of Z Nation: Sisters of Mercy, Mack is last seen heading into the underbrush to the sound of gunfire, the Murphy vehicle is shot at and disturbingly, Addy’s butterfly necklace is in the hands of the little girl she met when first in the camp. The last thing seen is the young boy in the flowered shirt walking to see his father. Kelly McGillis plays the man hating Helen with a grim and scary determination. Her performance as the brainwashing leader who, most probably, killed her husband was a highlight in this season of the SyFy version of The Walking Dead.

By Michael Smith




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