Aliens at Area 51

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In southern Nevada, 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, lies the super-secret Area 51. It lies within the Nevada Test and Training Range as an isolated detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. Although the area’s purpose is highly secretive, it is thought to support development and testing of advanced weaponry and aircraft. Perhaps its most widely purported function is to house aliens that may have crashed or been captured many years ago.

Boyd Bushman was an engineer for Lockheed Martin and Texas Instruments who worked in Area 51 before he died earlier this year at age 78. Before his death, Bushman chronicled his function at Area 51 on You Tube. The video was shot by aerospace engineer Mark Q. Patterson and posted online on Oct. 21.

Bushman’s deathbed video is no longer available on You Tube because of a copyright challenge by Chris Mooney. The exact details of the challenge are not currently available, as is Mooney’s affiliation with this story.

In his video, Bushman makes several claims and presents several photographs purportedly of Area 51 aliens. According to the video the aliens utilized an extra-terrestrial technology that allowed them to travel from their home planet to earth in 45 minutes. Their home is called Quintumnia and is 68 light-years away.

Physically, the aliens are described as about five feet in height, with long fingers and web-like toes. Their three backbones are cartilage. They do not communicate with language, but rather exchange information telepathically, both amongst themselves and with humans.

There are, of course, skeptics who question the images and Bushman’s intent. He did, however, pass a lie detector test in 2008 that included questions about his involvement with alien interactions, examination of their aircraft and his work with alien anti-gravity technology.   His reason for waiting to publicly disclose this information hinged on death threats he received.

Holding 26 U.S. patents, Bushman’s involvement with Area 51 is well chronicled. While at Lockheed Martin he conducted performance analysis for European Theater Tactical Fighters and developed electro-optical laser sensors and power systems. Bushman also holds classified patents that include the development of a magnetic beam. At Texas Instruments he was involved with developing smart, laser-guided bombs, tank mounted, Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) and GPS systems.

The aliens themselves supposedly used a saucer-type craft, 38 feet across to travel to this planet. For the most part,  Bushman claims that the aliens he encountered were friendly, but some were not. He claims that 19 people died attempting to defend themselves from alien aggression. Good aliens were labeled as “wranglers,” while bad ones were identified as “rustlers.”

There have been thousands of employees of Area 51 who have been sworn to secrecy. It is widely known that weapons and planes developed there require secrecy for national security reasons. Many, however, question whether that is the only reason for the area’s restricted access and air space. Reports of extraterrestrial ships and beings being examined at the site have been prevalent for some time. Employees who work at the site are routinely transported back and forth to the facility in unmarked Boeing 737s.

While Boyd Bushman’s disclosure is not the first time Area 51 has been associated with aliens, it does, however, give the story some credence. His background and association with the site cannot be denied. And, as a dying man, there was little for him to gain from a public release of his story.

By Hans Benes

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