Jennifer Love Hewitt Brings Criminal Minds Back to Former Glory

Jennifer Love Hewitt has brought hit CBS crime drama Criminal Minds back to its former glory, with her unsuspected acting talents and her ability to bring herself out of the box she has been put in since former CBS semi-popular series Ghost Whisperer.

When news first broke that the 35-year-old was scheduled to join the hit CBS series, many eyebrows were raised and full-blown scepticism reared its head in regards to how well the Texas native would fit in with the beloved cast. This scrutiny was in no doubt warranted, as previous new character installment member Jeanne Tripplehorn failed to impress die-hard fans of the show, and this lack of approval was not exactly unwarranted.

While Tripplehorn was in no way unqualified for her role of Alex Blake through season’s eight to nine, it was more that her acting ability did not quite fit in with what the show’s fans had become accustomed to. While the woman had certainly made her mark on various crime shows and movies, the issue was that she just did not fit in with the show’s dynamic and characters, no matter how much she tried. Her leave of absence after two years was, without prejudice to the actress herself, welcome to viewers of Criminal Minds due to the show’s lacklustre performance over the past few years

The general disinclination to accept Hewitt into the Criminal Minds family was not, in fact, unwarranted. The woman has not exactly shown a significant climb in her acting abilities since her aforementioned days in Ghost Whisperer, in which she was subject to significant ridicule due to how ridiculous the show was and how little she could possibly bring to such a reputable series

Hewitt, however, surprised most everyone in terms of her ability to work her character of Kate Callahan. The most significant moment in which she established her own ground regarding the show’s most recent season was in the episode entitled A Thousand Sounds. Planes were being shot down by an unknown assassin, who of course was brought to justice by the elite FBI team broadcasted by CBS, but the bigger part was Hewitt’s role in the episode. She was shaken by the events the FBI team were investigating (a plane crash) because she had faced personal struggles regarding such things in the past. Her brother and sister-in-law had perished in 9-11, and she subsequently took on the responsibility of raising their baby girl. The infant she decided to raise as her own is now a teenager, but Callahan’s emotional issues surrounding plane crashes remain front and center in terms of how she and Doctor Reid manage to talk the unsub out of his plans.

Her relationship with the other FBI agents is also how she has managed garner so much respect via her newfound role. Hewitt’s scripted back and forth banter via SSA David Rossi has garnered her multiple fans, based on her seemingly father-daughter relationship with the actor’s character.

Many Criminal Minds fans remain adamant that Jennifer Love Hewitt has no place in the hit CBS show. However, it is clear that the now decade long running show not seen such better days for some time as it now does with the actress having taken place in the current season.

Opinion By Rebecca Grace
Entertainment Weekly
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13 Responses to "Jennifer Love Hewitt Brings Criminal Minds Back to Former Glory"

  1. Greg Rogers   February 11, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    I felt the same as the others. But it does seem that the show is better. Jennifer just saved AJ fool’s character. It usually was AJ Cooks character that was saving everyone else.Now their is a serial killer after those girls. Doesn’t he know what her mom does.? Guess not.

  2. Pete J. King   February 5, 2015 at 4:14 am

    I agree. She cut her hair and I think the producers were at a loss of what to do. Since then her hair’s been growing back (thank you, Jen!).
    It does seem a bit strange not seeing her as Sexy as we’ve seen her in other roles but she’s making up for it in letting us see her real range of talent.

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