British Man Arrested in Connection With Double Murder in Hong Kong


A British national has been arrested in connection with a double murder. Police in Hong Kong have announced that they have arrested a foreign man, 29, who might have a connection in the deaths of two women. They arrested the man, a British national, though the exact charges and reasons why the police have for thinking the man has a connection with the double homicide have not yet been released.

The Foreign Office in Hong Kong has announced in a statement that police there have, indeed, arrested a British national. The announcement added that they were working with the Hong Kong police in the matter.

Updates will follow, but the Hong Kong police have arrested a man who is from the U.K., a Briton, in connection with a double murder of two women. The exact charges were not revealed yet.

Written By Douglas Cobb

ITV News
Photo by Austronesian Expeditions – Flickr License

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