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British National Charged in Double Murder in Hong Kong [Update]


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A British national who was arrested in connection with the murders of two women in Hong Kong has now been charged with the double murder, according to a report by WDSU News. One of the first sources to report on the news that he had been arrested was the Guardian Liberty Voice.

The scene of the double murder that the unidentified British national, 29, is alleged to have committed is a luxurious high-rise apartment located in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district, well-known for its nightlife. the body of one of the two victims of the double murder was discovered by police on the balcony of the apartment crammed inside of a suitcase.

According to Hong Kong police, the British national arrested and charged with the double murder will appear on Monday before the Eastern Magistrates’ Court. He is the person who called the police to the apartment early Saturday morning.

The apartment the financier was renting where the two bodies in the double murder were discovered is located on the 31st floor.

The body of the first woman police came across in the apartment of the British national was identified as a disc jockey who worked at a local bar. According to a police statement, the woman, pronounced dead at the scene, had visible cuts on her body.

The body of the other woman was found by the police on the balcony of the apartment. the woman was crammed inside of a suitcase. She had slashes on her throat. She was identified as Sumarti Ningish, 25, from Indonesia.

According to a report in South China Morning Post, the woman entered Hong Kong in October on a tourist visa. The report also mentioned that a source had told them the woman had been “nearly decapitated.” She had her arms and legs tied with ropes and was “naked and wrapped in a towel.”

Her body was badly decomposed, as if she had been dead for several days. Also, the apartment had blood everywhere, and the newspaper reported that the victims appeared to have been dead for some time.

The Hong Kong police arrested the British national after they discovered a bloody knife in the apartment. They said that the man was being “detained” while inquiries were being made. According to a report in the Telegraph, the British national might be a Bank of America Merrill Lynch employee.

The apartment building where the British national is alleged to have committed the double murders of the two women is one that is popular with expatriates. It has a heated swimming pool on its roof.

Initial media reports are that the British national is employed by an international bank. This has not been confirmed and the Hong Kong police have not released any further information about his identity.

Autopsies have not yet been performed on the two victims of the double murder. The British consulate was unavailable on Sunday for comment.

The double murder case that the British national has been charged in is rather unusual for Hong Kong, a city of 17 million, which has low levels of violent crimes like murder. In the first half of 2014, there were only 14 cases of homicide in the city, according to the Telegraph.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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