Eliza Dushku: Faith in Comic Con Rattled by Theft



Not even Faith, that other vampire Slayer from the Buffy verse, is apparently safe from the crime of theft which is what happened to the rattled Eliza Dushku at the Rhode Island Comic Con when she was checking into a local hotel for the upcoming event. The 33 year-old actress, shot to prominence as the “naughty” wild-child slayer Faith in Joss Whedon’s award winning television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997 – 2003). She went on to work with Whedon again on Angel, the Buffy spin-off and The Dollhouse, the second “cursed” television series of The Avengers director to be cancelled before it could really begin. The actress had her $4000 Louis Vuitton duffel bag taken from her side while unloading her car before going into her hotel room.

After reporting the theft, the former slayer immediately got onto her Twitter feed to let followers know that she had been robbed on Friday night, while checking into the Omni Hotel. As it was Halloween, the thieves were in costume and Eliza tweeted that one of the miscreants was wearing a “HEAD TO TOE” gold “Caesar” costume. She then tweeted that the two were staying in the hotel where she was tweeting from. Unlike her alter ego Faith in Buffy, Dushku was distressed by the idea that the criminals could literally be right down the hall from her own room.

Eliza Dushku then proved to her Twitter followers that the robbery news was real by posting a Twitpic of her in front of a mirror holding the bag in question. The snap had been taken previously and she posted it to prove that her account and not been hacked and her predicament was not fabricated. Ironically, the photograph of Eliza with her Louis Vuitton bag had been shot earlier the same evening that it was stolen. Before telling her fans, “Love you guys” the Faith actress had tweeted about how rattled she was by the Comic Con theft.

On her Twitter account, @elizadushku the actress revealed that it was not the value of the bag so much as the sentimentality of the accessory which upset her. According to Eliza, Sharon Osbourne @MrsSOsbourne, wife of Ozzy, gave her the bag, while she was on the The Sharon Osbourne Show (a talk show) as a gift in 2004. The bag, which was snatched from the curb, did get returned to the actress before the end of the her ordeal.

Apparently the police saw the entire incident on surveillance footage taken at the hotel and observed enough footage that they were able to collar a suspect and recover the stolen bag. Dushku was ecstatic at the results, especially since both men were caught, and tweeted her satisfaction to her followers. While Eliza’s rep has not, thus far, spoken to the press to verify the theft and its quick conclusion, the performer’s Twitter feed has already informed those who follow the actress’s tweets. Certainly the Wrong Turn star was rattled by the Rhode Island Comic Con incident and the possible loss of a bag that, as she said, traveled over a good portion of the world with her, but now that it has been recovered, she will have obviously faith in the police department of R.I.

By Michael Smith


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