Brody Jenner Unleashes on Photog For Asking About Kim Kardashian [Video]

Brody Jenner became furious with an Australian photographer today, unleashing a verbal beat down on the man after he raised the question as to what step-sister Kim Kardashian thought of the country when she visited it a few months ago. The incident occurred at Sydney International Airport, shortly after the 31-year-old landed and was making his way out of the airport.

The California native was already seemingly unnerved by all the attention he was receiving following his exit from security gates, with multiple women and other adoring fans walking beside him and attempting to get his attention. At one point before the confrontation with the cameraman started, Jenner can be heard making a quip about how Kardashian would probably be more used to the fanfare, and that he did not feel he was overly special in particular. He also comments that he and his Australian travel companion are simply trying to get off the plane, insinuating that the traffic block was somewhat irritating to him as he attempted to make his leave.

The aforementioned Australian photographer then asked Jenner what feelings his step-sister had regarding the country he had just landed in, and at first it did not seem as though the television personality was going to respond to the question at all. After a few moments of silence, however, he let out a torrent of discontent and told the man that if he wanted an answer he should probably ask Kardashian herself. He went on to express his view that harassing him at the airport in order to not even ask about him personally was ridiculous, and that if the photographer was going to ask him such stupid questions he would end up getting ignored completely. This rant was full of various expletives detailing Jenner’s anger, and as he got to the bottom of the escalator the group was on his companion asked all surrounding media to put their cameras away and move on.

The cameraman in question continued to film Jenner and the unknown male, despite the man’s repeated requests to cease recording per respect to Jenner’s mood and privacy. The latter made the remark that it did not matter how many times the photographer was asked for he would never heed their wishes, said that the man worked for “them”, and that he did not support such people/organizations (he was unspecific as to what “them” meant, even when the photographer asked him who he was talking about.) The companion then continued to insist that no more questions were asked nor comments made, as Jenner continued to argue with the man and accuse him of being one of the aforementioned “them”.

It was at this point that the situation began to escalate, with Jenner rushing at the man as if he was going to become involved in a physical altercation with him. His companion approached the camera with his hand raised against the lens, at which time a man accompanying the photographer told him that it was not the place for such behavior and instructed him to take a step back. The incident ended with Jenner giving the cameraman a sarcastic wave as he continued to film their exit from the airport, although the man was walking a noticeably further distance from the pair than he was before the actor aggressively approached him.

Although no physical altercation ensued between Brody Jenner and an Australian photographer earlier today, the former was extremely aggravated at being asked questions regarding his step-sister Kim Kardashian. Jenner has made it very clear in the past that he feels he is his own person, has achieved his own milestones in the entertainment world, and therefore should be treated as such. This is widely speculated to be his reason for becoming upset with the photographer, as he has made several comments in the past stating that he does not wish to be solely associated with his sister’s accomplishments and infamy.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
International Business Times AU
Photo by Chris Weeks – Flickr License

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