Buffalo Residents Cautioned of Possible Evacuations

Massive flooding is expected for the residents of Buffalo as a result of melting snow today and Monday. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo cautioned residents in the Buffalo vicinity to be prepared to evacuate if necessary.

Rising temperatures today will start the melt down of what was just over 7 feet of snow that precipitated last week. Rain is also in the forecast, further exasperating concerns.

Road crews have already begun stockpiling a number of emergency supplies. They are preparing to meet any large or small conditions that may occur during the melt down. Collapsing roofs and structural failure is of major concern as rain water saturates the existing snow creating a heavier mix wet snow atop building structures and trees.

Mark Poloncarz , Erie County Executive anticipates rapid flooding in low-lying areas. “(We) expect…5 -6 feet of water in some areas.”

Cuomo stated that individuals must help out too. He suggested for people to give the water a place to go by cleaning storm drains near their houses.

By D’wayne Stanelli


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