Castle: Kill Switch (Review)



After last week’s episode, where the new couple went on their busman’s holiday honeymoon, this episode, Kill Switch has Castle taking the back seat and for once Javi Esposito is the focus of the show. Rick and Kate go to their first case as newlyweds and the two compare themselves to famous literary and film crime solving couples, Nick and Nora Charles, MacMillan and Wife, Hart to Hart and Kate’s last suggestion, Turner and Hooch. It appears that now the sweethearts have made it legal, Kate has gone back to picking on her new husband.

The first case for “Caskett,” is a government investigator who was shot in the head while having coffee in a park. The man’s brother explains that it was very unusual for his sibling to go out. Paul Reeves, the murdered man, went there to meet with a hacker named Jared Stone. Castle comes up with a theory that makes a lot of sense, to Ryan at least, and both Esposito and Kevin head out to pick up Stone.

The two detectives chat on the way and Ryan gets annoyed at Javi’s joking around at their genuine moment and they spot Jared going down into the subway. Esposito follows him down and Ryan stays in the vehicle. Stone gets on a subway car and the detective follows him on. A transportation cop is already there questioning a teen with a open marker about tagging. As Javi approaches the suspect, Jared pulls the uniformed officer’s gun and faces off with Esposito. Castle: Kill Switch then cranks the action up a notch when Jared pulls the emergency cord and the subway stops.

The hacker forces everyone to set down and tells them all turn off their cell phones after seeing that Javi was talking on his phone. The transit cop is upset that Stone took her gun and the HRT arrive to start negotiating with the man who took hostages on the subway car. As this show was all about Esposito, the episode spent most of its time in the subway with Castle only participating occasionally in the show. After a long time spent with Esposito bonding with the Transportation cop, who was a very attractive female, things wind down.

Javi has to save the day and rescue the hostages with the help of his new friend the transportation cop. The “terrorist” who reveals that he has a “kill switch” attached to explosives tied around his waist, is finally taken down after Esposito notices that the man is ill and getting worse. It is revealed that the hacker, who wants his girlfriend released from prison, was set up by the supervisor of the man murdered at the beginning of the show. Javi may have saved the day down in the subway, but Castle and Kate take over at the end of the episode to work out who did what.

They interview Stone, who was infected with a deadly flu virus, and combined with what they learn from him and facts picked up about a medical company that the dead government agent was investigating. solve the case. The woman supervisor is brought in, questioned and arrested; soon after Lanie reunites with Esposito. As the group of detectives and Rick start to go out, the writer makes a load of bad puns all aimed at Javi’s day in the subway. Next week, the show goes back to a more comedic plot and Rick Castle, and Kate, are back on center stage.

By Michael Smith