Jennifer Aniston Mocks Kim Kardashian on Ellen [Video]

Jennifer Aniston just took her feud with Kim Kardashian to a whole new level, mercilessly mocking her appearance in a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres. The pair was playing a game called “Last Word” when the diss went down.

The basis of said game is that each participant takes a turn saying a word, any word that comes into their mind. They have a 45 second time limit in which to play, and the person who gets the last word before the clock runs out is ruled as the winner. According to DeGeneres, “Last Word” is said to be a variation on the game “Bad Words” in which the process is the same but the only words used are one of curse. The only rule for either variation is that you cannot repeat words. The game is designed to bring out a pressured situation which exposes people to the realization that while there are thousands of words humans know and have on the ready for expression, when put in a time limit that short it is natural for one’s brain to block up and therefore get stuck and panic themselves into not being able to say a thing.

Near the end of their game, Aniston’s chest area began inexplicably expanding to the point that it appeared she had a number of cushion-like objects underneath her sweater. This sudden growth caught Ellen’s attention after winning the game by speaking the last word, and she asked if Aniston had gotten a hold of her “things” backstage. The former Friends star repeated the host’s question, to which she was met with the response that something had suddenly become different about her. Aniston proceeded to take a sip from her drink and say in a nonchalant manner that she did not know what the woman was talking about, which was accompanied by much raucous laughter from the crowd. DeGeneres then asked the 45-year-old to stand up and give everyone a better view of her enormous inflatable cleavage, an opportunity which the former television personality took in stride and got to her feet in order to showcase her new attributes to the crowd. As she turned side to side to show off every angle of her sweater, she let out the comment that this was her version of Kardashian’s now infamous nude Paper Magazine shoot, adding that this was the frontal spoof of the heavily obsessed over rear shot of the KUWTK star.

This is not the first time that Aniston has taken a shot at the 34-year-old’s recent photo shoot. Just a few days ago, the Los Angeles native publicly slammed Kardashian’s choice to exhibit herself in such a manner to the public, going on to say that it had been done to death and that she was merely copying those who had pulled it off originally and with more class. She went on to refer to herself as being the “original” female celebrity to pose in such a manner for a magazine, referencing her 1996 Rolling Stone cover in which she was photographed without clothes and on a bed, with the camera showing a small fraction of the same body part Kardashian recently put on display for millions to see.

It remains to be seen how Kim Kardashian feels regarding Jennifer Aniston’s most recent mockery regarding her appearance and the way she chooses to present herself to the public. The reality television star has yet to give any responding comment on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

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