Coffin Company in Poland Uses Naked Women to Sell Caskets


Polish coffin company Lindner is using naked women in its most recent promotional calendar, showing the nude models in a variety of poses with the caskets, including straddling one coffin and tied with a bow to another. The owner of the company has said it was his son’s idea and the goal was to show not only the beauty of the women, but the beauty of their product as well.

Zbigniew Lindner, owner of the casket company, noted that a great deal of work goes into the coffins they create, but lamented that their product is “only seen for a few moments” at funerals. So, his son came up with the calendar idea to show off their product in a way that is both “colorful” and “beautiful” but, he also adds “half-serious.”

One group that is taking the calendar very seriously is the Catholic church in Poland. A spokesman for the church has called the photos inappropriate, stating that death is solemn and should not be mixed with sex. Lindner counters this by saying a coffin is not a religious symbol. He has said the coffin is not a sacred object and should not be viewed as such, but should be viewed with the same lack of fear as jewelry, a business suit or cosmetics.

Others, however, are reacting to the campaign with humor, particularly on social media. One Twitter user @BruceLaBruce tweeted “Gay edition please!” while @JessicaSimeone added “I guess that’s one way to sell caskets.” @yankee_MSU said “Dying never looked so good.” @MrHillermann tweeted “New meaning to drop dead gorgeous.” @BobFromVF said “A joke about ‘stiffs’ is buried in there somewhere!”

One Twitter user, @FamilyOFCrazies addressed the Catholic church’s objection to the calendar, tweeting “God bless the church that’s more outraged by this than priest pedophilia.” Another Twitter user @MikeBlaustein appreciated the business savvy of the company, tweeting “The best way to sell caskets is to pair them with nude models. DUH!”

The company’s website, however, appears to be all business. Not only does it not show any naked women, but the company website does not even make a reference to their now notorious calendar. Rather, the site proudly shares the company’s history of working with wood since the 1940’s. It also boasts production and sales statistics, including an average of 11,000 coffins produced each month and shipped all over Europe. It states that the company motto is based on commitment and shares how their values include that of hard work, honesty and teamwork. The product page features coffins of all different shapes, sizes, colors and even themes without a naked woman or model of any sort to be seen.

The company, which is the largest coffin manufacturer in Poland, has been creating and selling calendars to show off its caskets since 2010, the 2014 calendar was the first year it used all naked women. The 2015 calendar, however, seems to have caused a quite a stir though, as Lindner sees it, a coffin is a piece of furniture.  It is a person’s “last bed,” as he has said.

By Jennifer Fernicola Ronay


Photo by Ben Dibble – Flickr License

2 Responses to "Coffin Company in Poland Uses Naked Women to Sell Caskets"

  1. Michael Collinge   November 5, 2014 at 10:40 am

    This calendar has been going for years. It’s not new news, but gets dragged out each year at this time. Get over it – if you don’t like the calendar, don’t buy it or look at it. Don’t support Lindner if thats the way you feel, but realise that there are bigger things than naked women on caskets.

    • Fern Ronay   November 5, 2014 at 11:07 am

      Yes, as stated above, the company has been creating and selling calendars to show off its caskets since 2010. The 2014 calendar was the first year it used all naked women.
      And this story was so ripe for some great tweets! Love my Twitter!
      Thanks for commenting.

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