Creed’s Scott Stapp Recommended for 60 Day Hold by Wife & Mother-in-Law

Creed’s lead singer Scott Stapp is being recommended for a 60 day hold in a psychiatric unit, as per the request of his estranged mother-in-law and wife. The pair filed legal documents this past Wednesday, in which they stated their claim and reasoning behind wanted to have the singer evaluated fully before releasing him once more.

In the documents, Jaclyn Stapp and Hayat Nesheiwat issue their plea for a judge to sign off commit the 41-year-old for two months, saying that it is the only way for him to salvage his deteriorating health and mental state. They believe that the original 5150 hold the singer was put under on November 15 should have been extended past 72 hours, as he has done nothing but go back to his old ways since his released. In this regard, the wife has somewhat changed her tune, as she was the one to recall her petition to have him further locked up based on the hope that she and Stapp could work things out in private at their home. Upon this method failing, however, Jaclyn and her mother decided that the only way the Florida native would get the help he needs would be through a longer stint in involuntary confinement.

The pair say that the Arms Wide Open singer has flat-out refused to seek help for his addictions, even going so far as to deny he has any altogether. Despite the fact that he was found in a less than stable state on the side of the road just prior to his aforementioned 5150 taking place, he is reportedly in extreme denial of how desolate his situation is, and continues to pin the blame on everyone but himself. His vices are said to be extremely numerous, consisted of extremely hard drugs such as crystal meth and ketamine (to name just a few.) Stapp allegedly hears voices and experiences extremely disturbing hallucinations, including that of people being set on fire before his eyes. He is also said to have contacted his child’s school on more than one occasion to warn them that the extremist group ISIS is planning an attack on it, and that biological weapons are on the way. Not only this, but Stapp has also allegedly threatened both the safety of himself as well as his AA sponsor, stating that he is going to kill them (the women are terrified that the singer is fully able to do so, as he has a wide range of personal guns for use in such a matter.) He is also said to be extremely paranoid that someone is attempting to poison him, leading him to be looking over his shoulder constantly in fear for his life.

In terms of the plea for help Stapp posted to his Facebook this past Friday in which he detailed his extreme financial and residential troubles, the wife and mother-in-law say he is lying about almost all of it. While they do admit that the man is currently living in a Holiday Inn and is close to broke, they attribute this to his having blown most of his finances on supporting his aforementioned habits. They full-out dismiss his claims to be completely sober and healthy despite, as he put it, the vicious lies and rumors being spread, saying that even if this was true it would be because he was trying to detox. They are quite fearful for his life if this is indeed the method in which he wants to become clean, as detoxing can be extremely harming and even fatal if done after endless drug binges without stopping gradually.

It remains to be seen whether or not Scott Stapp’s wife and mother-in-law will get their wish for him to be committed for 60 days in order to help him get through his alleged current struggles with addiction and mental health. More information surrounding the judge’s decision has yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Rolling Stone
Photo by Ryan Delcore – Flickr License

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