Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson Resigns


Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson announced his resignation from his position at the department today. He gave as his reasons a growing concern for his security and safety. Wilson was cleared of charges and exonerated for shooting Michael Brown on August 9, but that decision has set of a response which includes nationwide protests and only brought more of a spotlight onto Wilson and the events of that night. Many protests have been ongoing, angry that Wilson had not, and now will not, be charged in the shooting death of an unarmed man, alleging racial motivations behind the way the shooting unfolded.

Wilson has been on the force in Ferguson for six years, and has had the stated support of his superiors during the entirety of the investigation. Citing growing security concerns, however, he decided to give his resignation anyway. Although that solves the question of whether he will continue at the department, his boss and others are still under fire for not having terminated him in the first place with the multiple protesters, and Wilson himself may yet face civil suits which could potentially be brought against him.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Stephen Melkisethian – Flickr License

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