Daniel Radcliffe Says He Will Never Wear ‘Harry Potter’ Glasses Again

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe has stated that he will never wear glasses again, at least not ones that resemble the round-lenses type he wore in the Harry Potter movies. In an interview with MTV, Radcliffe said he would wear contact lenses or possibly glasses with unusual frames “like triangular glasses or something just to really put some distance,” but he never wanted to wear the round-framed ones again.

It is not as if Daniel Radcliffe, 25, is saying he despises the Harry Potter franchise. He realizes that the franchise was what launched his career and made him a household name, recognized around the world. However, he is trying to put some distance between himself and the movies, so that he will be able to get other great movie roles and ensure that he has a long career as an actor.

While Daniel Radcliffe thinks that there is a good chance that the Harry Potter movies will be remade, maybe starting even before he has any children of his own, he acknowledges that people might still think of him as “the original Harry Potter,” including his own kids, for the rest of his life. Fame can often be extremely fleeting, so that is not a bad thing; it is just that there are more roles he would like to play during his career.

The one that Daniel Radcliffe is focused on right now, and wants to promote, is his role in the fantasy thriller Horns, released in the United States on Friday October 31, Halloween. In the movie, he grows horns overnight, and gets accused of the murder of his girlfriend.

Radcliffe’s character has no memories of what happened, but he does not believe that he had anything to do with her death. He must try to find out what really happened to her, or get blamed for the crime, himself. One benefit is that the horns give him certain supernatural powers, to convince others to do whatever he tells them to do.

Daniel Radcliffe has stated that there might not ever be a “film that fully separates me, in the eyes of everyone else, from Harry Potter.” However, Radcliffe is looking forward to a day when he “can release a film and it not be talked about in [relation to Harry Potter.]”

The more roles that Daniel Radcliffe is able to play, the more movies that he appears in, he hopes will bring the arrival of that day a bit closer. He stated to MTV that he would like to build up “as diverse and interesting a body of work as I can.”

When he was asked if he would let his kids watch the Harry Potter movies, Daniel Radcliffe responded that he would, but not when they are young. He would wait until they got older and could understand them better and perhaps not be scared at certain scenes in the movies.

While Daniel Radcliffe knows that simply making the decision to never wear round-lensed glasses will not be enough to distance himself from the Harry Potter franchise, it is one thing within his power, one small move he can make to put a little bit of distance between himself now and himself then.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo by Dave Catchpole – Flickr License

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