Destiny Expansion I The Dark Below Details


Bungie’s world-famous first-person shooter Destiny is on the verge of getting its first expansion, which is set to release December 9. Coming in at the price of $19.99, the expansion, known as The Dark Below will feature new weapons, missions and much more. Additionally, the level cap will see an increase of two, bumping the maximum level from 30 to 32.

Although it sold magnificently upon release, Destiny has managed to annoy gamers and aggravate critics. The game still has a massive amount of people playing regularly, but others have stopped due to small issues and lack of content. The game is an MMO shooter essentially which is to say that with enough time players find themselves doing the same tasks continually, which gets tiring without new content. Luckily, The Dark Below is loaded with lots of different content.

The expansion has more of everything: new missions, new weapons, new maps, new strikes and a new raid. Eris is a new character that can be found in the Tower. She acts as and all-in-one vendor that offers many new goodies. Additionally, she has bounties to offer, which is great because the bounty limit of all characters has doubled from five to ten.

There is one new raid, Crota’s End. The theme surrounding the new raid is one way trip, which sounds rather dangerous. Three new Crucible maps are included, Pantheon, The Cauldron, and Skyshock. Each map tries to focus on a specific type of conflict due to the structure and pathways provided. The map variety should surely spice up the Crucible.

Ultimately this expansion will influence the next Destiny expansion. Bungie has listened to the players and taken to heart their suggestions. When planning more content Bungie tries to include what the gamers want as well as what the designers want. Most main stream expansions do not contain such a variety of content, which is why The Dark Below is priced at $19.99. Expansion two will likely cost the same.

The Dark Below will feature a new raid with new gear to obtain from it. Players will need to travel into the Hellmouth and face off against the Crota. Each character will have a full set of new gear to possibly unlock. Excluding the bond, both the Titan and Warlock classes will have a specific set of gear. For the Warlock, Deathsinger gear and the Bone Circlet can be used, while Titans will be hoping for Willbreaker gear and the Mark of the Pit mark. Hunters instead of a collections of varying items such as the Unyielding Casque, Relentless Harness, Dogged Cage, Tireless Stride and Shroud of Flies.

Interestingly enough, a second strike known as The Undying Mind will also be included in this expansion, but only for PlayStation consoles. Sony has been pushing their system as the best for Destiny, which has seemed odd since the title is across most platforms. However, The Undying Mind will indeed be exclusive to PlayStation systems until at least Fall of 2015.

The Dark Below is the first expansion for Destiny. The content pack will cost $19.99 and will become available across all platforms December 9. Bungie is determined to make Destiny as great as it can be, which means that gamers with suggestions should tweet @DestinyTheGame.

By Garrett Jutte
Game Informer
Game Rant
Guardian LV
Photo by PlayStation Europe – Flickr Licence

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