Disney Google Deal May Hasten Death of Movie Theaters


The recently announced  deal between the Walt Disney Company and Google that allows content to be streamed to Android devices, may hasten the death of Movie theaters. The movie industry is already reeling mostly because of the advances made in digital information  transfer, the disruptive technology of streaming content via, and box office receipts continue to head south.  It is not the content that can be blamed , but there are several other factors noted for the decline. The response has been to raise ticket prices, but movie goers responded negatively. Many have complained that going to the movies is no longer as enjoyable it was once was. Attempts have been made to enhance the experience with new viewing formats such as Image MAXimum, otherwise known as  IMAX and 3D technology , but the rate of adoption of streaming services continues to accelerate.

The entire movie industry is being transformed and the studios also appear to be caught in the transformation. Streaming services are also expected to affect the cable television industry, and consumers are constantly seeking way to cut cable costs, either by reducing the choice of options or simply subscribing to different services.

At the moment there  appears to be very little that can be done to bring movie goers back into the theaters. The experience along with the prices no longer offer the value to consumers, who now have a host of other options. One area that can be explored, may be to transform the experience into something much more than simply passive viewing. It may require some radical thinking, such as allowing the audience to participate in some form, such as presenting an option of alternative ending,s or contests during the showing on a second screen.

DisneyOnline services such as those provided by Hulu, Amazon and Netflix  are quickly replacing  the experience of spending nights out at the movies, and with the addition of  the ability to stream to any device, may be the atypical nail in the coffin for the movie industry. The Android mobile platform is currently the most pervasive operating system on the planet. It currently powers more than 80 percent of all devices and as the globe moves to tighter connectivity with the Internet-of-all things and an all mobile world, it can only be expected to be even more ubiquitous.  It can be  a wise strategy for the studios such as Disney to reach the consumers where they happen to be , and that may be any place, sitting at home in front of television sets, or even out of their homes as long as access to the web is maintained with a mobile device, such as iPhone. tablet or even a wearable such as a watch. The agreement with Google  has entered into with Disney now means now it is possible to view Disney titles on Android devices. The  option was previously only allowed on Apple iOS platforms, but with this latest venture, it means that movies can now be purchased at Google Play along with iTunes and other digital services, and it basically cover the majority of all mobile devices.

Movie watching has changed over the last two decades, and the movie studios should be worried. With the Disney Movies Anywhere service,and the deal that Google gas signed with Disney, all that is required is the installation of a free app, and  for a much cheaper costs, consumers can have their pick of  many of the top rated Disney titles.While it may be a bit early to predict death of the movie theater, movie goers, or what remains of them can expect a transformation, and it is even more interesting to see how the transformation turns out.


Opinion By Dale Davidson



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