Ebola Patient Arrives in Omaha


The third Ebola patient from among the health care workers in Africa has just landed at Eppley Airfield, and is being loaded into an ambulance on the way to Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha for treatment. This is to take advantage of the bio-containment unit there which has already seen the successful treatment of two other patients with the disease.

The doctor, Martin Salia, contracted the disease while working in Sierra Leone. He was diagnosed on Monday, and has progressively gotten worse. He first started showing symptoms on Nov. 6,but tested negative. The diagnosis came only after his re-test on Monday. It was decided by the team caring for him that he could be flown to the U.S. for treatment. His condition is described as “critical” and possibly in worse condition that the two patients previously sent for treatment with Ebola. The doctor is a citizen of Sierra Leone, who currently lives in Maryland. He was able to have a phone conversation with his wife during his journey, and she described him as “weak and shaky” but reported that he was able to tell her that he loved her before the communication ended.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Jimmy Emerson – Flickr License

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