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As news of one of the world’s most recent plagues spreads across the globe, many fear that it could be only a matter of time before Ebola reaches a nearby town. However, looking into history may reveal very specific tips for those who wish to protect themselves from Ebola and other similar modern-day outbreaks threatening the health of many. As with other misfortunes which have befallen a race or culture, one often needs look no further than into the past in order to find a possible solution.

The saying has been heard time and again that history repeats itself until it is learned from. Could Ebola and similar viruses and modern plagues affecting mankind today be protected against through tips one might term as “folk medicine?” Dr. John Christopher, Master Herbalist and Natropathic doctor spoke of such an era and gave specific instructions on how to guard against the sweeping plagues of today.  Using a combination of 9 herbs: garlic, wormwood, mullein, black walnut, lobelia, skullcap, marshmallow, comfrey, uva ursi, and oak bark in a base of apple cider vinegar, glycerine and raw honey, prepared a certain way, has been shown to fortify the immune system and assists the body in safeguarding against even the worst viruses and plagues released into the world. Could this very same remedy be used as Ebola protection?

Another ancient remedy coming back into the light of awareness is that of the essential oil blend used by the thieves in Europe during the time of the bubonic plague. It was later found out that the thieves all belonged to a lineage of apothecaries, knowledgeable in plant medicines. Written in the Royal English Archives is testament of the blend of oils applied in order to protect those who used to sneak into the households of the dead and steal their valuables without becoming themselves infected. The oils were consumed and rubbed over the body, known as the “four thieves vinegar” containing a combination of the herbs: rosemary, cinnamon, sage, lavender, nutmeg, camphor and garlic, all known for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

As the medical industry strives to find answers to one of the biggest concerns in health today, it seems Mother Nature may be holding a secret one need only look for to discover. Protection for Ebola and other similar viruses showing themselves in the world today may be within the grasp of the public after-all. Since it is never certain where such incidents will arise, it would be well within the scope of the wise to prepare for such a possibility through taking precautionary measures.

Other sources reveal similar plant-based medicines and oils as safe-guards to ones health such as those mentioned within the Christian Bible. A multitude of scriptures reference the use of oils such as frankincense, myrrh, spikenard and hyssop, among others, as preventative medicines to be used against plagues and other health threats. Essential oils have been found to be effective against a variety of plague-like hazards such as anthrax, small-pox, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and others.

Beyond herbs and essential oils, other foods noted for their immune-boosting properties such as kale, raw chocolate, goji berries, bee pollen, propolis (another bee product), blueberries and oranges can help to protect one from the dangers of life-threatening illnesses. It is important to take multiple avenues of protective protocol and to utilize the power of positive thinking and intention to fortify oneself in the best possible way against the dangers of Ebola and other potential health threats.

From the foods one chooses, to the plants included in daily regimen, protection for modern-day plagues may be within the grasp of the common man. In a world where it seems new threats pop up from day-to-day, having access to tips of how to self-care and prevent things like Ebola and Swine Flu can make all the difference in how the future unfolds for an individual and how safe one feels.

The following video clip shows Dr. John Christopher speaking on creating an herbal formula as an anti-plague remedy in modern times. Christopher is the founder of The School of Natural Healing herbal college in Springville, Utah.


By Stasia Bliss


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