FBI Agent Allegedly Snorted Evidence Freeing Over Dozen Defendants


An FBI agent in Washington, D.C. has allegedly snorted some of the cocaine taken into evidence in a drug case according to a report broken by the Washington Post and WWLP.com. This has resulted in a baker’s dozen defendants, 13, even after some pleaded guilty, to be freed.

Some of the men involved had been looking at possibly receiving life sentences in prison. One of them stated that it felt “good to be free.” Thirteen men, in all, walked free because of the alleged actions of the FBI agent.

Cocaine was not the only drug that the 13 men were accused of distributing and possessing. They had also been charged with money laundering, a conspiracy to distribute over a kilo of heroin, and the the illegal possession of firearms.

The now-suspended FBI agent, Matthew Lowry, was accused of alleged misconduct. That was the reason why the judge felt forced to vacate the charges against the 13 men. Lowry had been a part of the investigation before the allegations surfaced.

Unnamed federal officials, according to an article in the Washington Post, said that Matthew Lowry removed the drugs from a crime lab.

The suspended FBI agent reportedly was discovered slumped over the wheel of his car. He had two firearms, two empty evidence bags and some heroin in the vehicle with him, according to the federal officials mentioned.

One of the attorneys involved in the case, Carmen Hernandez, does not think of the release of the 13 men as just being “a technicality.” According to Hernandez, “whatever he was doing, it’s not a technicality.”

The judge warned the 13 men who were released due to the alleged snorting of evidence by FBI agent, Matthew Lowry, that he did not want to see them again. The FBI agent has reportedly not been charged with a crime so far, though charges may be pending.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo by Cliff – Flickr License

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