Supernatural’s Best 5 Episodes So Far


There have been a lot of great episodes of Supernatural, but there are five that stand out as the best so far. They are episodes that show the caring and support that both brothers have, while not always focusing on the bigger storyline. With the 200th episode just around the corner, here are five of the favorite episodes.

Born Under a Bad Sign was the first time that Sam Winchester really turned evil. It turned out that he was possessed, but it was certainly a sign of things to come on Supernatural. There was also the chance for actor Jared Padalecki to show off his skills and hint that there is a darker side to the character.

Of course, the demon turned out to be Meg. While at the time she was one of the more hated demons, she became one that fans loved; especially with Castiel.

The Magnificent Seven makes the list for one main reason. It is the first introduction of Ruby and her blade. This blade can kill demons, something the brothers had never seen before. It was only the season before that they learned about the Colt. This was also the first introduction of demons that had escaped from Hell, including the Seven Deadly Sins.

Ghostfacers has to make the list of the five best episodes of Supernatural so far. It was one that could have become a spin off, and sort of did with the web series. This was also a chance to bring back two great characters, Harry and Ed. While Sam is desperately trying to save Dean, the brothers end up trapped in a haunted house with the Ghostfacers—who now have their own online reality TV show. They all think they have proof that the supernatural exists, until Dean and Sam wipe their hard drives and they have to start all over again.

The second best episode has to be the season five finale. It was supposed to be the finale to the whole series, and Eric Kripke stepped down as executive producer after this. This was the showdown between Heaven and Hell, and the brothers were supposed to be the vessels for the two. Dean refused to become Michael’s vessel, but Sam accepted Lucifer. Michael need not worry as younger half-brother Adam took up the opportunity to finish the apocalypse. The showdown was certainly one of the best for the whole show.

The best episode of Supernatural can only be the one with the ultimate sacrifice. Dean sells his soul for Sam in All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2, and it kicks off the killing of the Yellow Eyed Demon and releasing demons from Hell. The older Winchester makes the decision to accept the one-year deal, compared to the 10-year deal that everyone else gets. He gets off better than his dad, who saved his own soul to save Dean at the start of the season. Of course, there was also the end to the Yellow Eyed Demon, and John Winchester escaped Hell.

There are many great episodes of the show, and there are 199 episodes to go through. With the 200th episode, this is just one fan’s best five episodes of Supernatural so far.

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