Supernatural Cast and Crew Look Back Over 200 Episodes


The 200th episode airs on Tuesday November 11, and it was chance for the Supernatural cast and crew to look over everything that has come before. For many shows, reaching 100 episodes is a privilege. Not that many have done it, and some never will. Many shows are now cancelled after one or two seasons due to ratings.

For Supernatural things are different. The show is in its 10th season and still going strong. This is rumored to be the last season, but it will all depend on the network and whether main actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki will want to continue the show.

Eric Kripke may have stepped down as executive producer after the season five finale, but he is still there in the wings. This show is his baby, and he admitted recently that he was honored that it had gotten so far. He had the first five seasons all planned out, and knew how he wanted the show to end, but he never thought it would get that far. Each year he believed the network would cancel the show. He was even shocked to get to the end of the first 22 episodes.

Ackles, who plays older brother Dean Winchester on the show, admitted that he did not even realize that they had reached the 200th episodes. He is one of the cast and crew members of Supernatural who is not looking back over 200 episodes yet. His motto is to “stop and smell the roses” once the show is off the air, whenever that may be.

Padalecki, who plays younger brother Sam, mentioned about the rocky start. It never helped that the WB disbanded and became the CW. That was a difficult time for many shows, but Supernatural worked through it. He, just like many fans, is glad that it did get through that point, and is now one of the best rated shows on the network.

Executive producer from season eight onwards Jeremy Carver, reiterated Ackles’ sentiment that he never realized where they were. They were simply trying to tell the best stories, and suddenly they had reached the 200th episode. One thing he was happy to admit was that there was little padding for the seasons. The show has been consistently good the whole way through.

When asked about how the show has continued to see success, Kripke admitted that Netflix has something to do with that. Children who were just toddlers when the show started are not able to watch all the episodes online. It gives them the chance to fall in love with the characters like their parents, and follow the journey that Sam and Dean took. They can then watch the newer episodes each week to follow it from there.

Show writer Adam Glass also admitted that the family element has something to do with it. That is certainly the case. It was one of the only shows at the time that focused mostly on family, and that has never changed. There has always been the element of two brothers fighting the world.

The 200th episode airs on November 11, with a love letter to the fans. For now, many can look back over the last 200 episodes, the way that the cast and crew of Supernatural have done.

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