Taylor Swift Discusses Decision to Remove Music From Spotify

Taylor Swift

Just days after deciding to remove all her music from Spotify, Taylor Swift discusses the reason. While she decided against speculating how putting new album 1989 on the streaming platform could have changed results, she did explain her rationale and feelings about free music. It is very clear that she does not like the idea of free music.

It should be no surprise that Swift is against free music. She previously admitted to not liking the idea of music streaming, and likened it to pirating music. Musicians work hard to create albums, and they deserve to be compensated for that.

The country-turned-pop artist explained that Spotify and other similar platforms are more like grand experiments. The world is changing quickly with technology, and she does not want to contribute to these experiments. She does not believe that the artists are compensated fairly for their work. This is not just about the musicians, either. She believes the creators, producers and writers deserve to earn more. There is no value in something that is free.

Swift referenced her op-ed piece that she did in the Wall Street Journal. It was in that where she mentioned that she believed streaming music was like illegally downloading it. However, she did admit that she had an open-mind, and was willing to debate its benefit in the music industry.

While discussing her decision to remove her music from Spotify, it seems like Swift has no intention of allowing it back on. Putting the music on there was more of an experiment for her, and she wanted to see if she liked it. In the end, she decided it was not for her, and she is not the only artist to believe that.

AC/DC do not have any of their tracks on the free streaming service. However, there are many other musicians who do see the benefit of it.

One of those is that fans get to listen to their music without worrying about cost. The artists are also compensated a little for each listen. Individuals are able to listen to a track before buying, to make sure they are not wasting their money on something they end up not liking. Coldplay held off releasing the new album on Spotify for four months to encourage people to buy.

However, it seems Swift’s decision is paying off. After removing her music on Monday, she has already sold 1.287 million albums during this week alone. It is the most sold albums in the first week of release since 2003’s The Eminem Show. People have been forced to buy her album if they want to listen to it, rather than relying on a free service.

It is bad news for Spotify and other streaming services. More bands and artists may decide that it is worth the risk of removing the music, hoping that people will buy instead. Spotify started offering its platform in 2011, and now has a free and paid version for individuals. While people love it, it seems that artists do not. Swift made the reason for her decision to remove her music from Spotify, and there is the chance that others will follow.

By Alexandria Ingham


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