FKA Twigs Make U.S. Television Debut

FKA Twigs
Euro-singer and rising indie artist FKA Twigs made her first national US television debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Performing her single 2 Weeks, the beautiful songstress kept the performance simple-yet-memorable with similar visuals as the viral music video. The single is her first cross-over hit and Jimmy Fallon is the initial host to allow the nation to experience and receive the courtesy to bring a FKA Twigs performance to the US masses before she becomes white-hot on the indie charts.

Accompanied by two thin tapestries, designed by Daniel Wurtzel, and three well-placed fans, FKA Twigs managed to seduce viewers with a mesmerizing Kate Bush-inspired performance. Completely fan-assisted, the simplistic visuals allowed the singer to showcase her talented voice while still keeping the focus on the stage and performance. Her former training as a dancer helped to further entice audience members as she rhythmically to the sultry tune. At times it may seem like she is out-of-breath, but that is just part of her non-use of profanity. Dancing over the words not suitable for children and keeping a well-balanced soprano, the British singer made sure to make her debut nothing more than a great experience.

Though FKA Twigs has been slowly making her way across the pond, the singer is still relatively new to American audiences. Since its debut in August, her latest project LP1 has received nothing but rave reviews across publications and blogs. Already selling over 31,000 copies and nominated the 2014 Mercury Prize, the album is slowly becoming a cult classic among new fans. Her interesting mix of soothing rhythms, sensual vibes, electronic, trip pop, and raw lyrics about relationships and desire, the young starlet has the chance to break the norm of popular music.

Following the television debut, FKA Twigs kicked off her headlining nationwide tour in DC this past Thursday (Nov. 6th). The tour is set to reach across the US and Canada, with stops in Philadelphia, Massachusetts, New York, California, Washington, and more. Considering that the buzz is already building for this indie-artist, this tour is a bold move to establish her more in American pop-culture. Although she may have seemed a little unseasoned on the Tonight Show stage, she still has the potential to make it big. Already displaying her talent for showcasing mesmerizing visuals and quality lyrics,the 26-year old starlet could easily become one of Britain’s newest cross-over sensations.

FKA Twigs is clearly making a lane for herself, but her inspirations are heard and seen throughout her musical choices. Her late show performance draws inspiration from a Kate Bush visual and her sound is like a modernized, trippy Bjork-meets-Sade. The singer’s background in visual arts and dancing help to make her videos and singles that much more expressive. She is a new generation of singers who are making abstract thinking a modern way of musical expression, while still delivering a solid piece of work. It is understandable that her EP1, EP2, and LP1 are receiving as much praise as they are. Though FKA Twigs did not completely mind-blown viewers, her raw talent and stage present will only be heightened with her nationwide tour.

Opinion By Tyler Cole

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