Fog Causes Delays at Denver International Airport


Denver International Airport (DIA) is suffering from delays caused by fog and wind, diverting 46 inbound flights to other airports. Not the news that people wanted to hear on one of the days considered the busiest to travel on. Many of the flights have been diverted 90 miles south of Denver to Colorado Springs according to Laura Coale, a DIA spokeswoman.

Earlier in the day, delays at DIA were as long as two hours, however, by Sunday afternoon the delays were down to about an hour. Departures were also being hit with delays, however the times the departing flights were being delayed by were not available.

Coale reported that three of the six runways at the airport were not being used due to the weather situation in the area. The fog and wind came from a cold front that affected the Front Range communities, including Denver. According to Kari Bowen, meteorologist for the National Weather Service, in less than 30 minutes the temperature at DIA dropped 16 degrees. Sixty miles north in the town of Greeley, in 20 minutes time the temperature dropped 21 degrees.

By Carl Auer

Associated Press
Photo by Kevin Schraer – Flickr License

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