Frozen Sequel in the Works [Video]


Disney’s blockbuster Frozen is set to storm into theaters and stores yet again. The record-breaking flick already has a sequel, stage play, and short film in the works. Confirmed by star Idina Menzel, Disney is already set to milk as much as they can out of the movie franchise that already won an Oscar in March, products outsold Mattel’s Barbie in 2014, and whose lead single Let it Go spent 13 consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 list. It seems that the world can not get enough of Frozen and Disney is ready to supply audiences more.

FrozenDuring an interview with The Telegraph, actress Idina Menzel let it slip that Disney will be working on three new projects involving Frozen. Among the three projects “in the works”, the sequel was one. Menzel, who voiced Else and gave us the infectious Let it Go single, was not very specific on details on when the play, sequel, and short film will be coming to take over mainstream audiences. Menzel also gave some encouraging words about singing the hit single. Claiming that people who attempt to sing it should just go right ahead and sing it whenever they can. She also went on to say that people should not worry about hitting the high notes or critics, only Menzel has to worry about that. With all the love and profit that the original film has made, it was only a matter of time before Disney cashed in some more.

Frozen hit theaters November 27th, 2013 and has been taking over the hearts of many since. The 102-minute animated musical, starring the voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff topped the box office earnings on opening weekend and has gone on to amass over 400 million dollars in the US alone. The Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee-directed film is one of Disney’s highest grossing films in the past decade and features one of its most successful soundtracks to date. The lead single Let It Go has become as recognizable as any other animated musical number and even has been re-sung by teen pop star Demi Lovato. The Youtube clip of the song has taken in over 373 million views and the story has even been expanded on in the ABC hit series Once Upon A Time.

FrozenThe story focuses on the premise of love and acceptance. Similar to other Disney animated films, there is a hint of magic that helps carry the plot along. In the mythical land of Arandelle, a young princess named Anna embarks on a journey with ice-deliverer Kristoff and pet reindeer Sven to find her sister Elsa and free the land from an everlasting winter. The three encounter many tribulations and meet new friends, including a talking snowman named Olaf and a magical troll family. Elsa’s ability to create ice and snow at will is beautiful but dangerous when not fully embraced. After running away from her sister, she mistakenly casts the land in a forever winter that only she can undo. The story is filled with some comedy, action, and a new take on what “true-love” really means.

Since its premiere, Frozen was an instant hit. The 150 million dollar budget film took in over 67 million dollars opening weekend and continues to rake in the money from Blu-ray sales and merchandise. Though there has been backlash from many critics, and even a lawsuit, the movie is still one of Disney’s cash cows. The details on the Frozen sequel are still very limited and scarce, but Menzel states that she is along for the ride no matter what.

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