George Harrison Remembered 13 Years Later


This weekend as families gather for post-Thanksgiving celebration and peace, the anniversary of the death of George Harrison was remembered. It has been thirteen years since the death of the legendary Beatle, who succumbed to cancer on Nov. 29, 2001. To take a look back the life of George Harrison, it is always excellent to celebrate some of his most notable achievements and musical feats.

Harrison is most notable for his role in the Beatles as the quiet guy, the Beatle who contributed some of the most beautiful songs the band ever produced without ever saying too much. During the era, Harrison would bring songs like Here Comes the Sun and While My Guitar Gently Weeps to the forefront, essentially breaking through the barrier John Lennon and Paul McCartney imposed upon him on the songwriting front of the band. During this time, the legend developed one of the most recognizable guitar styles of the era, boasting a powerfully tactful performance that never missed or added a note. He was a conservatively impactful guitarist, something that is often overlooked as a result of its brevity.

When remembering George Harrison 13 years later, his career beyond the Beatles must be recalled since it produced arguably some of the finest solo Beatle content. The first post-Beatles record to be released would be his All Things Must Pass, an astonishingly spectacular album so large they had to package it in a box. During this record, he was able to record the music that Lennon and McCartney shut down during the Beatles era. It is astonishing to even comprehend why the two bandleaders would turn down songs like All Things Must Pass, but in any case, the guitarist’s following debut album has become a staple of songwriting and rock and roll.

After All Things Must Pass, Harrison pursued an unbelievable solo career, releasing several other legendary LP’s, organizing charitable efforts like the Concert for Bangladesh, and even creating the all-time most impressive supergroup: the Traveling Wilburys. The Wilburys would produce two records, mostly penned by Bob Dylan and the Beatle, which were released to massive success.

In 2002, the Concert for George memorialized his legacy with performers and close friends like McCartney and Eric Clapton paying tribute to him. The performance is now available on DVD and Blu Ray, a purchase very much worth its weight in gold for any fan of the silent Beatle. In 2011, Martin Scorsese released Living in the Material World, a HBO documentary on the life of the legendary musician.

George Harrison died 13 years ago, and even more recently a new set has been produced to remember and preserve his memory. His six solo albums recorded on the Apple label were put into a new remastered box set this year, the perfect gift for a George Harrison fan this holiday season. The box set also includes a special DVD and booklet with rare photographs and collector content. Harrison’s son, Dhani, was involved in the project’s effort to preserve his father’s legacy. The collection is the second collection of his content following a set of his Dark Horse years released ten years ago.

Opinion By Brett Stewart

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