Georgia Citizens Protest Against Russia-Abkhazia Agreement

Thousands of Georgians held demonstrations in Tbilisi, the country’s capital, to protest against the agreement between Russia and Abkhazia on Saturday, that brings their military forces to work together.

Abkhazia broke away from Georgia in 1999 after waging war against the country’s forces. In 2008, Russia recognized the province as an independent country.

The protest was organized by the United National Movement, which is the country’s main opposition party. The protestors believe Russia is laying the foundation to annex Abkhazia. They waved the country’s flag while chanting that Russia and Putin should be stopped from carrying on with their intentions. Some also waved the European Union’s as well as the Ukranian flags as a reminder of Russia’s interference in Ukraine. Russia annexed Crimea, which was a part of Ukraine, early this year. Putin is currently under pressure from world leaders to pull Russian forces out of Ukraine, a charge he has denied.

David Bakradze, an MP from Georgia, said the whole world needs to come together to defend international law in both Georgia and Ukraine.

By Benedicto Ateku

Photo by Cory Doctorow Flickr License

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