Gotham: Shooting Lessons Required


The latest episode of Gotham: Penguin’s Umbrella reveals a great many things behind the scenes in the hometown of Bruce Wayne, not least of which being that the entire police department requires shooting lessons. It also shows what forces are behind what players. Jim Gordon has a lot of support from Barbara Keen, and later his partner Harvey Bullock proves that he also supports his partner. Granted Gordon has more than a little support from Bruce Wayne and his “trusted” manservant Alfred. In terms of whom is behind who by the time the episode ends, Penguin has some surprising support, Don Falcone.

After last week’s conclusion of Gotham, where Oswald Cobblepot came to keep Gordon from being sent to prison for murdering the umbrella carrying mini villain and dropping his body in the river, Jim’s partner Harvey obviously felt betrayed and upset. Before Falcone sends Victor Zsasz to collect the cop who refused to kill the snitch, Nikolai reveals that he is still behind Fish Mooney, but he is more than ready to step up and take control from the current Don. Meanwhile Harvey tells Gordon that their friendship is over.

Victor makes a dramatic entrance at the Gotham police station with a matching set of leather-clad female shooters. After asking all the 50 plus police officers in the building to leave, “Please!” The bald baddie has a shoot out with Jim Gordon and the first thing noticeable is that the cop requires shooting lessons. The villains are all much better shots, shooting their targets almost effortlessly. By the end of the gun battle, the future commissioner has been wounded in his thigh and lower right side of his torso.

Even when Montoya and her partner Crispus Allen show up, guns blazing, not one bad guy is wounded by any of the three gun toting cops. Fish Mooney goes to see Sal Maroni and when Penguin calls her Fish, she slaps his face leaving scratches. This was after she called Cobblepot a little scaly-faced “b*tch” and promised to torture her former umbrella carrier and worse. Falcone sends a message to Sal stealing a shipment of guns, by using a group of chained up nuns who stop the truck.

Penguin comes up with a plan for Maroni to strike back at the Don while metaphorically spitting in Mooney’s eye by killing Nikolai in the process. Jim Gordon introduces Allen and Montoya to Bruce Wayne as the Gotham police back-up team who will solve the orphan’s parents’ murder if anything happens to him. The overwhelmed boy hugs Gordon before the detective leaves to arrest the mayor and Don Falcone. Once Oswald and Maroni’s men kill Fish Mooney’s lover and his gang, he arranges to kill personal tormentor, Frankie Carbone. Before taking out Frankie, Cobblepot explains how the crook made it so easy for the Penguin to take kill him. Oswald reveals it is Frankie’s love of money that caused his downfall before stabbing the man to death.

Gordon’s plan to arrest the mayor and Falcone comes undone when it turns out that Victor has Barbara and will kill her if anything happens to the Don and by the end of the show, it turns out that Falcone had Penguin in his pocket all along and that the umbrella toting villain set Jim Gordon up to be his “killer” in the first place. It seems that the city of Gotham with a police department that requires shooting lessons as soon as possible, will have detectives to continue their fight against crime and Jim Gordon will live another day to learn if the Don’s claim that he is not the evil in the city is true or not. In the meantime, Jim Gordon, Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya need to head to the shooting range, stat. Gotham airs Mondays on FOX.

By Michael Smith



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  1. Alex Black   November 6, 2014 at 9:09 am

    In the meantime, Jim Gordon, Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya need to head to the shooting range, stat. Gotham airs Mondays on FOX.


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