Guy Sebastian Releases Seventh Studio Album Today [Video]

Australian-American crossover superstar Guy Sebastian has just released his seventh studio album today, entitled Madness. The disc features 13 brand new tracks, some of them featuring high-profile artists as duet partners in the song. While the album’s official release date is November 21, Australia’s timezone gave international fans the opportunity to purchase it the second the clock hit midnight in their own personal time.

The buildup to the album release was significant, with Sebastian taking to social media on a regular basis to provide a picture based countdown to the day of, as well as leaking snapshots of lyrics, song snippets, and the like. The full album was also available via streaming on JB Hi-Fi, with listeners in certain countries given the ability to sample the entirety of each song prior to purchase on November 21. The 33-year-old also uploaded multiple videos containing interviews surrounding the new record and his experience while recording it, as well as some fun off topic banter and 20 question-ish games.

Madness has been met with both immense praise and scrutiny, due to the record being so much more different from anything the Malaysian born singer has ever released before. Indeed, the abundance of rap/hip-hop collaborations featured on the record comes as quite a shock to many die-hard Sebastian fans, as the man’s music has always stayed between the realms of adult contemporary/pop in the 11 years he has been on the scene. Sebastian himself has previously been very vocal surrounding his views on artists that promote and glorify immoral and dangerous lifestyles, most significantly hardcore rappers and rock artists who try to spread a positive word about disobeying society’s rules and making a mess of the world around them.

The change in lifestyle values and views has been forthcoming for quite some time for Sebastian, however. While once a devout Christian and supporter of all things Holy, over the past few years he has reportedly come to terms with the idea that not all religious life is beneficial for mankind. In fact, it was just a few years ago that Sebastian conducted an interview in which he explained the reasons for his waning religious views. He gave the statement that so much blood has been shed and lives lost over a battle for whose God is real and whose is not that he began questioning just how much good the entire concept was for mankind overall. He penned a track detailing his feelings on the matter in his last album, Armageddon, entitled Get Along. The song expresses his wish for everyone to realize that as long as respect and love is given to all regardless of personal views, then the world will already be in harmony and experience its own type of heaven.

One of the most prominent rap artists featured on Madness is 2 Chainz, a popular American rapper out of College Park, Georgia. The pair’s collaboration on one of the album’s released single tracks, Mama Ain’t Proud, raised a fair amount of confusion and shock amongst fans of both artists. Sebastian’s adorers were puzzled as to how and why their idol managed to hook up with such an artist for a duet, given that 2 Chainz is a very popular rapper in his home country and generally sticks to hardcore rap with better known artists more suited to his genre. They were also left wondering what kind of video would be produced to represent the song, as the Georgia native tends to stay a little more on the risqué side of media imagery while Sebastian has always remained adamant that his videos will be respectful and PG rated at the most in order to respect both women and his younger fans. The video did not fail to appeal to the fans of either artist, however, as it was a mix of both respectability and hip-hip combined. The video in question featured Sebastian and 2 Chainz holding auditions for dancers in a high school gym, celebrating the differences of multiple cultures and their ways of expressing their moves.

It remains to be seen whether Guy Sebastian’s newest album Madness will reach the peak of his previous six. However, the album has been receiving a legitimate amount of record sales since its release at midnight earlier today.

By Rebecca Grace

Herald Sun
The Morning Bulletin
Pop Sugar

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