Haven: Morbidity (Recap/Review)


HavenMorbidity episode was one of Haven‘s most tense episodes in season five so far. It was only a matter of time before the CDC Doctor Charlotte Cross realizes that Haven is not a small, quiet town and that its secret is beyond her imagination.

After Dave wakes up from a terrible dream, he calls an old friend, Chris Brody. Dave tells Chris that he needs his help and after that, he goes to the police station, where Dr. Cross is waiting for him. It looks like Dave has a plan, since he tells Charlotte that he got this wound on his leg from the jellyfish and that an expert already checked it. This expert is apparently Chris and Dwight calls him over Skype to confirm Dave’s story. Of course, with his charm trouble, Chris manages to convince Charlotte that Dave really got his wound from a very rare jellyfish. It looks like Dr. Cross has no reason to stick around, but she surprises Dwight when she tells him that she will spend another day in Haven, since she needs some time off. Well, he wants to keep an eye on her, so he asks her if he can join her for dinner.

Meanwhile, Audrey and Nathan are dealing with some strange bear trouble. It appears that someone is wearing a bear costume, but when he takes the head part down, there is no head underneath. When he does it again, there is a head, but a part of it is gone and it looks really scary. Suddenly, bears start appearing all over Haven and if Dr. Cross sees it, their secret might be revealed. So, Audrey finds the woman, who is causing this trouble and she tries to help her, before things go really bad.

Dwight and Charlotte are having dinner at the Grey Gull when a man suddenly starts choking. She runs to help him and she tells Dwight that they might have an outbreak, because his lips are covered with blisters and this might be caused by a virus. In just a couple of hours, there are two more patients with the same symptoms. After he checks their names, Nathan realizes that only troubled people are getting sick. Meanwhile, Gloria discharges all three patients, because their condition got better. Charlotte is furious and she tells Dwight that Gloria is incompetent. However, there is a fourth patient and Gloria hid him, because he has a germophobia and his trouble might get activated, since he believes that the hospital is full of germs. Well, Dwight is too late, because this man’s trouble activates and he dies. He apparently has a bubble trouble, so the liquid in his IV becomes all bubbly and one bubble gets into his bran, causing a stroke.

While Audrey is trying to stop Eve’s bear trouble, Nathan gathers all troubled people who are sick in the morgue. They still do not know who is causing this sickness, but they have to keep the infected people hidden, so that Charlotte cannot see them. Well, things go really bad when one girl’s trouble activates. She has an electrical trouble, so in order to keep her from frying everyone, they put her into the cadaver drawer, because metal can ground her. Unfortunately, Dr. Cross discovers them and she immediately declares a quarantine in Haven. Well, Duke asks the girl with an electrical power to destroy the cell tower, so that Charlotte will not be able to call for backup. After that, he and Dwight start arguing, because Duke wants to lock Dr. Cross with Mara on his boat and Dwight disagrees. He shots Duke with a taser gun and tells him that he is the Sheriff and the Guard leader, so he will decide what to do.

Throughout the entire Morbidity episode, Mara is trying to convince Duke that his friends do not have his back and after Dwight attacks him, Crocker believes her. Mara tells him that since she is the one who gives troubles and he is the one who can take them away, they would be the most interesting lab rats in case Dr. Cross finds out about the troubles. Before Dwight attacked him, Duke kept telling Mara that his friends will manage to deal with Charlotte, however, he is now convinced that he and Mara must come up with their own plan.

Dr. Cross most certainly brought some tension to Haven and despite the fact that they managed to stop her from calling for backup, she is still an imminent danger to the residents of Haven. Dwight keeps saying that he has a plan, but Mara and Duke will probably act on their own, since she finally managed to get to Crocker. It will surely be interesting to see how things between Mara, Duke and the rest of the gang will develop in the upcoming episodes of Haven.

By: Janette Verdnik


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