Haven: Mortality (Recap/Review)


HavenThings in Haven are getting more and more complicated with each episode that passes and the Mortality episode was no exception. After Mara managed to get Duke on her side in the previous episode, the two of them now work on their own and this brings a whole new twist into the show.

In the previous episode, Duke started to believe that his friends do not have his back and that they will sell him out in order to save their skin, so he agreed to cooperate with Mara. He decides to remove her cuffs and he releases her. Duke obviously has a plan, but in order to carry it out, he needs aether. So, he and Mara go into Audrey’s office, because Nathan hid the remaining aether into a safe there. Duke almost gets the combination for the safe, but Dwight comes in and he almost catches Mara and Duke. Well, Dwight takes the aether and Duke is left empty-handed.

Dwight decides to tell Dr. Cross about the troubles, but she finds it very hard to belive that there is something supernatural in Haven. However, she believes that she could make an antidote for the contagion that is spreading around Haven, but she needs the source of the troubles. So, Dwight tells Nathan that he will take the remaining aether and give it to Charlotte, but Nathan really does not like the fact that he told Dr. Cross about the troubles. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Dwight also realize that the contagion only affects those who have an inactive trouble, because he and Nathan are both trouble active and they did not get sick. However, Audrey starts coughing and it appears that she is sick and this means that she is also troubled.

Meanwhile, Nathan is trying to figure out who is causing the contagion and he discovers that Pete is the one, who is responsible. His trouble apparently activated when Dr. Cross came to Haven and she started to ask him about his cover stories for the troubles. Well, Pete is very confused and he cannot stop thinking about the contagion, so Nathan must find a way to stop his trouble before it is too late. Kirk, who is one of the guard members, visits Dwight and he tells him that others are worried about Charlotte and angry because Dwight told her about the troubles. Dwight tells him that she might be able to cure the troubles, but Kirk decides to take matters into his own hands. Well, he is stopped by Duke, who obviously came to steal aether from Dr. Cross. However, Kirk’s trouble activates and he starts collecting all the oxygen in the building. Mara finds the aether and she tries to steal it, but Dwight manages to stop her before he collapses. Duke finds Mara unconscious and when he carries her out of the building, Pete tells him that his trouble is causing the infection. He asks Duke to kill him and when he refuses, Mara stabs him with a screwdriver. Pete is loosing a lot of blood, so Mara gives the screwdriver to Duke and tells him to kill him. Duke finishes what Mara started and ends Pete’s trouble. After they are driving away, Mara tells Duke that she wants to fix him and then she cuffs herself to show him that she will not escape.

Audrey is still sick after Pete’s trouble is ended and Nathan looks very worried. They have no idea what is going on with Audrey, however, she learned earlier that she and Mara will die at the same time, which means that the two of them might actually be connected somehow, despite the fact that Mara denies that. Well, if they are connected, why is Audrey sick and Mara is not?

The Mortality episode also revealed that CDC has no personnel in Haven. So, who is Dr. Cross and what is her agenda? Haven is bringing more and more questions and the creators will have a lot of explaining to do in the upcoming episodes.

By: Janette Verdnik