Homeland: Halfway to a Donut (Recap/Review)

HomelandAfter a few quite disappointing episodes, Homeland really brought it on in Halfway to a Donut episode. It was tense, from the second it started and it is safe to say that it was the best episode of season four.

After Carrie went completely crazy in the previous episode of Homeland, she wakes up in Aasar Khan’s house and she does not remember anything that happened. He tells her that his men brought her there after she made a scene in the middle of the street. Carrie is still feeling the effects of the medicines that Dennis planted into her pill-box, so Aasar tells her to get some rest.

Meanwhile, the ISI delegates return to the embassy to talk about Saul. Tasneem intercepts Aasar and tells him that he blew her operation, because Carrie should be on a plane right now, but she is at his house instead. Well, Aasar did not know anything about that plan, so he tells Tasneem that she should keep him updated in the future. In the conference room, Haqqani reveals his demands over a video and apparently, he wants several prisoners in exchange for Saul. Since most of the prisoners are quite notorious, the ambassador suggests that they meet again tomorrow. However, Saul manages to escape and he calls Carrie, who immediately organizes a rescue operation. They order Saul to go to Malin, because they have an asset there and the Special Forces will get him there.

Mathison is still at Aasar’s house and she is just about to take another pill when she spits it out and she obviously realizes that something is wrong. Aasar comes in and Carrie asks him if he is the one who switched her pills. Well, he tells her that he is not the one and Carrie leaves. She immediately tells Quinn and Lockhart that they have a breach at the embassy and despite the fact that she wants to keep this between the three of them, Lockhart tells the ambassador. And she then tells her husband about the breach too, of course. Dennis looks scared and he should be, because he is going down the minute that Carrie finds out that he sold her to the ISI.

Saul manages to get to Malin, but the place is soon crowded with Taliban. The ISI obviously spotted the CIA’s drone and this way, they got Saul’s location. Carrie realizes that during the second meeting, when the ISI people do not look worried at all. She leaves the room and Lockhart follows her. They try to get Saul out through another location, but he realizes that he is trapped. Saul decides to take his own life, because he is determined that he will not be captured by the Taliban again. Despite the fact that Carrie promised Saul that it is escape or die, she convinces him that there is another way out. Well, it turns out that she was lying, because the Taliban capture Saul and he knows that Carrie betrayed him. Later that night, Carrie is talking to Quinn and she tells him that she now realizes that there are no good choices, only the wrong ones. She is devastated because she betrayed Saul, despite the fact that she saved his life.

When Carrie goes to sleep, she receives a phone call and she meets with Aasar. He tells her that he really did not switch her pills, but it looks like Carrie does not believe him. Aasar almost walks away when Carrie tells him that it is not fair what they did to her, but she believes him. So, Aasar tells her that Dennis was the one who switched the pills and that he is the one who is selling them out.

Halfway to a Donut was most certainly not an episode for those with slight nerves. The entire episode was packed with tension and action and the creators of Homeland really did a remarkable job. Despite the fact that the team failed to save Saul, it appears that Carrie got an ally and Aasar might be a very valuable asset (if he in fact becomes one) in the future.

By: Janette Verdnik


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