Homeland: Redux (Recap/Review)

HomelandJust like they saved the best for last in the previous episode of Homeland, the creators did the same thing in the Redux episode. At first, it appeared that it is just another average episode, however, it became very interesting in its final moments. Except for the last few minutes, Redux episode was nothing special, just like most of the episodes of Homeland this season.

In the previous episode, Quinn and Carrie found out that Saul was kidnapped and the team in Islamabad now starts working on a way to rescue him. Lockhart also comes to the embassy and saving Saul becomes their primary mission. Dennis sneaks into Carrie’s apartment again and he switches her pills. After Carrie takes one, she starts feeling dizzy almost immediately.

Meanwhile, Haissam Haqqani keeps using Saul as a shield, since he knows that nobody will attack him as long as he has Saul with him. Haqqani decides to visit his family and thanks to Saul, he can walk around with no fear that the CIA will kill him. After a few hours, Haissam continues his journey, with Saul, of course. They are headed towards Afghanistan and when they arrive, Haqqani locks up Saul and he tells him that he will make a trade with the CIA. Apparently, Haissam wants to trade Saul for some of his soldiers. Saul tells him that he is not that valuable, but Haqqani disagrees, since he is already informed that Lockhart is in Pakistan and that he was ordered to get Saul back at any cost.

Carrie’s condition is getting very bad, so she takes a nap. Max wakes her up, because he and Fara were following Kiran, who just started her shift at the hospital. Mathison can barely walk, but she goes to the hospital and she faces Kiran. She asks her about the medicine that Aayan was giving to his uncle, but Kiran tells Carrie that she does not know anything. It looks like these other pills made some serious damage, since Carrie looses it and Quinn tries to calm her down, but she kicks him and she escapes. Mathison realizes that she is hallucinating when she starts shooting at some guys, who are apparently following her and when she looks at her hand, it is empty and there is no gun. Carrie gets arrested, but she wakes up in some small room, tied into a straitjacket. She is completely confused and after a while, two guys come in and they drive her away. The next thing Carrie knows, she is in someone’s house and as she hears a person approaching, she ambushes him. And surprise, surprise! It is Nicholas Brody. Well, at least it appears so. However, Carrie saw him die and she does not believe that this is Brody. After the man asks her who is Brody, the camera shows that this man is actually the ISI guy, who met with Saul a few episodes back.

So, besides Damian Lewis’ special guest appearance and Carrie being even crazier as usual, the Redux episode was nothing special. Saul is still Haqqani’s prisoner, Dennis is still working for the ISI and Carrie is having some serious issues with herself. Homeland‘s seventh episode was quite disappointing and hopefully, the creators have an ace in their sleeves, because otherwise, this show will become completely predictable and boring.

By: Janette Verdnik


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