Houston Man Survives 25-Foot Fall After Driving Truck Into Pit


A Houston, Texas man drove his truck into a construction pit early Saturday morning. He survived a 25-foot fall when the truck plunged into the pit, according to a report by CBS affiliate KHOU.

Witnesses report that the driver of the truck went through several red lights and hit another vehicle’s side before it veered and smashed through a fence and fell into a pit at a construction site where a high-rise building was being constructed. When people jumped into the pit to rescue the driver, they found him alive, though unconscious.

According to one of the eyewitnesses, who went into the pit to rescue the man, he said that “someone kind of cut him off.” The man did reportedly not remember anything else.

When the Houston Fire Department arrived upon the scene, they extracted the man from the pit and helped everyone else who had gone to the man’s aid get back out of the pit and to safety. The man who plunged into the pit in his truck was then transported to Ben Taub General Hospital.

The man who drove his truck into the pit at the construction site is listed in stable condition. KHOU reported that, according to the police, alcohol might have been behind one of the main factors behind the accident

Written By Douglas Cobb

CBS News
Photo by Christopher Ebdon – Flickr License

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