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‘Z Nation’ Murphy’s Law: A Chatty Cathy (Recap and Review)



In this week’s episode of Z Nation: Murphy’s Law, aka “A Chatty Cathy,” Murphy is the center of attention when Warren and her group stumble upon a country club with a golf course and clubhouse full of “Zs.” While Roberta is mourning the loss of Addy and Mack, the saviour of humanity is excited at the prospect of hitting a few balls at the course. Cassandra asks if they will ever see the two missing members of their group and Warren says that her heart wants to think so, but her head tells her something different. Considering all the sounds of gunfire at the end of Sister’s of Mercy when Mack got out of the jeep, it is highly doubtful that he will be returning.

At the clubhouse, the little band of zombie survivors get trapped while Murphy is out at the driving range in a borrowed, too-small, club jacket. Warren, Doc, 10K, and Cassandra are rescued by a trio of other people. Brett Zimmerman and his two associates welcome the new group and after learning that Murphy can walk among the undead without being attacked, the man slips Warren a mickey, or as Doc says, they “got roofied,” and the ex security guard and his team kidnap Murphy. As the “new Messiah” learns that this new group want him to break into a building full of drugs and the undead, Roberta and her group find themselves handcuffed to a Z.

The little band of travellers dispatch the undead creature with an umbrella and set out to find Murphy. Meanwhile, the man himself takes a gamble and spits into Janice’s canteen and after she takes a drink from it, he starts controlling her actions, hence, presumably, the title Murphy’s Law. This follows up on a plotline device introduced in the Going Nuclear episode of Z Nation, where the “Chatty Cathy” character found that the helicopter pilot zombie would copy his movements and even followed him back to the group.

Warren follows the kidnapped Murphy using the services of Citizen Z and as they begin to close in, Murphy controls Janice with his mind and makes her fire the pistol. Murphy comes over and holds the woman’s gun only to have Henry rush up to grab the weapon. In the brief struggle over the pistol, the man gets scratched by Murphy and it is soon revealed that he too can be controlled by the new “messiah.”

The truck left behind by the drug seeking trio is boobytrapped and when Murphy’s friends open the door it sets off the alarm. They are immediately surrounded by the walking dead and have to shoot their way out. Meanwhile, at the Mesco drug factory/dispensary, the trio reveal that the zombies around the facility are addicted to ritalin. As Murphy’s friends close in they also learn that the zombies behind the fence have been taking viagra on top of speed. Doc tells 10K that now the kid can say he really has “seen it all.”

Somewhat impressively, Murphy leaves clues for his old group to follow. He also practises his control skills on Henry and finds that they work. As Brett, Janice and Murphy approach the fence, the messiah freaks out at the sight of the speedy, and admittedly scary looking, undead creatures streaking around the building. When things get tense, he bites the “soldier of misfortune” and it will only be a matter of time before he can control Brett as well.

Janice sees her un-dead husband behind the enclosure and she comes unglued, thanks to Murphy’s repeated reminders that it is Brett’s fault. This episode features some of the fastest zombies seen in the show, even quicker than those at the beginning of the season. Citizen Z is searching for the doctor who gave Murphy the injection, or at least developed it, and the group end up being reunited by the end of the show. It looks like Murphy may indeed be the new messiah with his increasing ability to control the undead.

With the Northern Lights “eye in the sky” revealing that the doctor was last seen in Colorado, it is a good bet that this will be their next stop. Before the end credits roll Murphy’s Law is revealed to be pretty harsh when “Chatty Cathy” forces Brett to shoot himself. Z Nation and Murphy continue to evolve and this SyFy The Walking Dead wanna be, keeps getting better and better. Certainly it has a lower quality of presentation but there is a sly humor that is beginning to become a little addictive, kind of like those ADHD zombies on ritalin. Speaking of medication, it has to be said that seeing a “normal” Keith Allan in those Nexium commercials never gets old. The next episode with Keith Allan as Murphy will air on SyFy on December 5 and at least one other viewer of the show agrees about seeing the actor in the commercial:


By Michael Smith