Idina Menzel to Tour Across the World



The renown Broadway and Hollywood star Idina Menzel is officially set to begin a concert tour across the world beginning in summer of 2015. The North American leg of the tour is scheduled to commence in Richmond, VA on July 7 and will conclude in Los Angeles, CA at the famous Hollywood Bowl on Oct. 3.

Menzel is known for a number of projects, but perhaps her most notable piece of work is her performance as the beloved character of Elsa in Disney’s mega-hit animated feature Frozen. The film won multiple awards including the Oscar for best animated feature film as well as best song for “Let It Go”, the powerful ballad that everyone across the nation fell in love with and is originally sung by Menzel, herself. The success of Frozen is undoubtably a huge responsibility for bringing the actress’s name to Hollywood limelight, but the star stated that what many deemed as an epic flub is the true reason she has become a household name.

At the Oscars this past March, actor John Travolta served as the individual to introduce Menzel who was to sing “Let It Go” live at the awards show. On live television, Travolta completely butchered the actress’s name, calling her “Adele Dazeem” right before she began to sing her song. The Frozen star stated afterwards that even though he destroyed her name, the fact that she had now become an immensely popular meme on the internet caused people to learn her real name and has ended up making her more famous in the average household than she would have possibly imagined. Although it seemed like he may have been unintentionally harming Menzel’s career, he actually helped it tremendously.

Before rising to the worldwide star she is now, Menzel was very popular amongst the musical theatre community. Having originated three roles in three of the most iconic musicals to date, the star has made a definite stamp on the world of theater. The aforementioned roles include Maureen in Rent, Elphaba in Wicked and Elizabeth (in which she is currently playing) in the new musical If/Then. The actress received Tony award nominations for each role, winning the trophy for her performance in Wicked.

When the announcement of Menzel’s tour was made earlier today, the star’s website actually crashed due to the overwhelming amount of traffic that was being driven to it. Within thirty minutes of the actress sending out a tweet about her North American dates this occurred. The star stated that she apologizes for the inconveniences on the site, but was very flattered that such a large amount of fans took to showing such immediate interest in her latest endeavor.

The actress/singer recently released a holiday music album titled Holiday Wishes which is available now. The star will only be able to be seen performing in If/Then through January 4 – a respectable run of nearly an entire year for Menzel. One must act quick if they are to see the original leading lady of this production on Broadway before she departs for good.

As Idina Menzel prepares to commence her tour across the world, one can acquire tickets and show dates via the actress’s website (assuming it is no longer crashed). As one waits until they can hear the top-notch vocals of the Broadway star live, they can acquire any of the original recordings of the films and musicals Menzel has starred in wherever music is sold.

By Cody Collier

The Times-Tribune
Daily Mail