Iggy Azalea Blasts Eminem for Rape Threat Toward Her, Calls Him Old Man

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Iggy Azalea has started beef with another rapper, this time with veteran artist Eminem. The Australian took to Twitter earlier today to voice her discontent surrounding the Detroit native’s recent lyrics surrounding his feelings towards her, which culminate in the suggestion that he wishes to rape her.

The lyrics in question express Eminem’s preference to Nicki Minaj as a female rapper, followed up by his instructions for Azalea to not even bother trying to blow a rape whistle on him because it would not work. The 24-year-old fired back almost immediately, not holding back whatsoever in relaying her opinion that Eminem’s threats were as old and tired as he was, and that she was bored with such “controversial” lyrics being used by men in the rap industry. Her first tweet contained her statement that she was sick of old men issuing threats to young women in the music industry to hide the fact that they were threatened by their success, something she feels female artist are much more on the rise in terms of the status quo than men in the recent years.

Azalea said that, in her view, women have much more courage to do and say what they feel in the industry than many men, and believes that this is the reason they hide behind vulgar put downs and the like. Her Twitter rant ended in a final tweet expressing how awkward the situation now was for her brother, who Azalea lists as one of Eminem’s biggest fans. The boy now reportedly has a fair amount of concern for the fake that his idol rapper laid claim to wanting to force intercourse on his sister, something that he is said to not be taking lightly.

This is not the first female artist that Eminem has taken a controversial shot at on his upcoming album Shady XV. Just a few days ago, the 42-year-old came under immense public scrutiny a music video surfaced containing his free-style rapping skills, in which he expressed his desire to punch out singer Lana Del Rey in the same manner as disgraced NFL running back Ray Rice inflicted on his wife, Janay Palmer. The rapper quickly became subject to much public shaming and expressions of disappointment that he would condone such a horrific act of violence, something he shows no signs of apologizing for or addressing in any way. Many of his die-hard fans have expressed their views that Eminem’s choice of rap lyrics are no different from they have ever been, and the only reason the media and public are in such a state about it now is because domestic violence has become so much more of a politically correct hot topic over the past few years.

The fact that Azalea has become involved in the aforementioned feud with Eminem comes as a great interest to much of the public, as she only just recently wrapped up her last one. The rapper war in question was first fought between her and California native Snoop Dogg, a social media takedown that ignited after the latter posted a somewhat unflattering picture of an albino woman and compared it to how Azalea appeared without makeup. The subsequent back and forth of hurtful images and the like went on for several days, before the situation escalated into full-blown threats on Snoop’s side. The battle was eventually nurtured into a truce by fellow rapper T.I. Harris, who also serves as Iggy’s manager. While it cannot be said even in the loosest of terms that Azalea and Snoop will ever even be so much as close acquaintances, Harris manages to snuff out the flames before the conflict went any further and things possibly took a turn for the worse.

It remains to be seen whether Eminem will respond to Iggy Azalea’s recent Tweets slamming him for his rape related lyrics. Neither he nor his representatives have yet to give any statement on the matter.

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