Jennifer Lopez in Therapy

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Jennifer Lopez has done much more than write her book True Love she has admitted that she is in therapy. Fans of Jenny of the Block need not be too concerned, however. According to J-Lo it is in an effort to get down and dirty with herself, and not in an inappropriate way either. Apparently the multi-talented diva, actress, singer, songwriter, dancer, writer, producer and fashion designer opens up in her recent book and talks of many things, not least of which is how her tendency to travel with a crowd that, in the past, put so much pressure on her personal relationships.

The 45 year old star, according to FOX NEWS, has finally decided to “own” her faults in the area of diva-like behaviour. After telling the world already that her first real broken heart came from the breakup of her relationship with Ben Affleck, the award winning performer states that both Affleck and Marc Anthony were most likely driven away by the constant presence of her huge entourage. Of course part of the reason for her breakup with the Oscar winning actor/director Affleck could be put down to the 2003 film Gigli, which has been called the worst film ever, few professional partnerships can survive such failure, let alone personal ones.

Jennifer Lopez admitted that putting herself in therapy is the only way that she could actually look at what is going on inside. She says, “you have to face yourself” and that talking to oneself in the bathroom mirror does not work. To find out what is really “going on” one has to dig down into the messy, gooey “stuff.”

Stuff like a constant and steady stream of people around her house, her performances, her life. Lopez is surrounded by a crew who are there for her every beck and call. Hair and makeup along with handlers, stylists, her manager Benny Medina and her personal trainer Tracy Anderson. According to the What to Expect When You’re Expecting star this was the pressure that caused her relationships to crack, not the press or being judged by fans, it was this ever present group of essential supporters who brought about so much discomfort.

This moment of self reflection sounds very healthy and Jennifer is to be applauded for recognising that part of the problem she has with relationships is down to her. Although sadly for Jennifer Lopez, it is the sort of epiphany that will most likely go unrewarded. Her lifestyle will obviously not change anytime in the near future. Her career is based not just upon her appearance but her performance combined with the way she looks while on stage or in the studio.

Of course the path to true personal happiness does require one to “own” their faults and/or shortcomings. With Jennifer Lopez admitting to being in therapy, it does sound like she is well on the way to finding that enlightened place that so many search for. Having said that, it also feels a little like the star is almost claiming that her failures in past relationships could be down to her, or rather, her entourage. In reality, she is not really taking credit for her broken love life, but with the realization that her constant crowd does not help, Jennifer could be well on the way to finding her next relationship working much longer than usual.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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