Justin Bieber Paying for Very Expensive Eggs

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is now paying for very expensive eggs, made expensive by his use of them in an egging of his neighbor’s house. He was involved in a misdemeanor egging incident on January 14 and has shelled out $80,900, the cost that his former neighbors said was to clean up and repair the damage that was caused to the wood exterior and plaster of their Calabasas home, according to a report by the New York Daily News. Initially, investigators wanted the charge to be a felony one.

Also, according to Bieber’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, Justin is half-way through fulfilling a 12-week anger management program. Her client, Holley stated to the judge in a Los Angeles court hearing, is on schedule to meet the rest of the requirements of his sentence by the time of his next hearing on February 10, 2015. Justin Bieber, 20, has yet to meet his community labor requirement, of five days.

Justin Bieber was set to fulfill his five day community labor requirement by doing manual labor for MusiCares. MusiCares is a social services foundation that works with indigent and sick musicians. However, after the hearing, the placement fell through.

There has not yet been a placement made in any program, as Justin Bieber will likely not get assigned community service through CalTrans. Usually, the state agency CalTrans would assign a person who was not a big star like Bieber some sort of job like the removal of graffiti and highway trash cleanup.

Since labor assigned by CalTrans generally means being out in public, that would not work very well for Justin Bieber. If his fans tracked down his location, there could potentially be such a disruption like a mob scene that would make his community service more trouble than it would be worth.

Until Bieber’s probation requirements are fulfilled, he will stay on supervised probation. After that, for whatever time is left of his two-year probation, he will then be on unsupervised probation. His probation will last until 2016.

TMZ and other sources had reported that Justin Bieber would fulfill his community service requirement by working with MusiCares. With that placement, at least for now, having fallen through, exactly how the Canadian pop star will meet his community labor requirement is up in the air.

Justin Bieber was all set and prepared to spend the five day labor requirement at MusiCares’ headquarters in L.A., as TMZ had reported, doing whatever was required, like painting walls. Wherever Bieber winds up fulfilling the requirement, it will be spent in his performing physical labor.

Anything could potentially happen when it comes down to how Justin Bieber meets the community labor requirement of five days. Perhaps MusiCares will eventually be where he fulfills the requirement, though the placement has “fallen through,” according to the New York Daily News, for now.

Reportedly, at least a dozen eggs were thrown by Justin Bieber at his former neighbor’s house. While grocery prices seem to always be on the rise, the price that the Boyfriend singer paid, of over $80,000, is a bit pricey, even for a multimillionaire like him.

Written By Douglas Cobb

New York Daily News
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Photo by Ricky Brigante – Flickr License

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