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Lena Dunham Bart Simpson of Feminism



It has not taken long for Lena Dunham to raise a ruckus in her worldwide book tour of Not That Kind of Girl, there should be no surprise as the writer and actress really is the Bart Simpson of feminism. The creator and star of the HBO comedy Girls, courts controversy on a regular basis. As one journalist pointed out in a Q and A last year, the 28 year old performer likes to appear regularly on the series in her birthday suit in situations that make no real sense to the show’s plot.

At the time of the session quite a number of panelists jumped to Dunham’s defense and Lena herself was amazingly laid back at the allegation she was, perhaps, an exhibitionist. The latest issue comes from her autobiographical work Not That Kind of Girl. Lena’s problem stems from her recounting an incident when she was seven years old and had a peek, and a poke, at her little sister’s genitalia and found that the one year old had inserted some pebbles into her nether regions.

Besides the fact that this type of story is not really the sort of thing passed on to someone who is not your sister, or maybe close family, Lena’s decision to include this story created a maelstrom in the media world because of her phrasing. Stating that the younger girl did not “resist” upset quite a number of folks who went on to accuse the Girls star of abusing her little sister. Another passage in the book, also dealing with her one year old sibling, Dunham again used a questionable phrase where she spoke of bribing the child like “any paedophile.” Both these stories went over like the proverbial lead balloon. These accounts had people pointing fingers at Lena accusing her of abusing a child.

Lena reacted furiously on Twitter to the allegations of paedophelia and is still pretty upset about the whole thing. While questions are being raised and debates are raging, the fact is that Duham really has brought all this on herself, as the Bart Simpson of feminism by working steadily to shock, surprise and annoy. As stated earlier, the urge to talk about her little sister’s genitals and exploring them, in too much detail for any age audience, follows the performer’s modus operandi perfectly.

It is not surprising that the daughter of Carroll Dunham would have a fascination about female nether regions as a child since daddy’s artwork features so much of it. Although to support Lena, she is correct in her assertion that it is normal for children to experiment with one another when they are small and discovering all the new things they never noticed before. Unfortunately, Dunham’s version of yelling “someone pay attention to me, stupid Lisa Garbage Face…” has upset a number of folks who realise that there are also a number of children who do abuse their younger siblings.

The sad part of all this mess is that Lena most likely will not change the way she broaches the subject of sex, underage or otherwise, as to do so would take away the shock value that she seems to cherish. It is almost certain that the main reason that Lena Dunham is such a fervent supporter of feminism, apart from the influence of her father’s art, is to get attention. To give the Girls star benefit of the doubt, her Bart Simpson behaviour does only extend to the annoying habit of making sure she stays in the public’s eye, speaking up for women whether they want her to or not. Currently, the author of Not That Kind of Girl is taking a short break from her public speaking engagements until this storm passes over.

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