Macaulay Culkin Home Alone and Dead…Not

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The Internet is bound and determined to kill off poor Macaulay Culkin, the Home Alone star despite hoax news to the contrary, is not dead. The 34 year old star of Richie Rich and now member of the band The Pizza Underground was reportedly found dead in his Manhattan apartment, alone. (Get it? The article from the misleading website even references Culkin’s Home Alone 2: Lost in New York film. What a scream.)

It was not that long ago that Culkin was reported dead, although that time it was connected with a “drugs” overdose. The Pizza Underground member need not feel picked on however, and to be fair it appears that Macaulay finds the whole thing quite funny, on the same day that he was reportedly found dead in his New York apartment, Miley Cyrus was also reported to have died. The former Hannah Montana immediately got onto her Instagram account to post funny pictures, negating the reports humorously.

Culkin also used photos to show that he still has a sense of humor and was not upset at the false report. He decided to poke fun at the idea he had died Home Alone . Posing with one of his band mates, who is made up to look like the actor Terry Kiser in the film Weekend at Bernies a “dead” Macaulay is being dragged away from the camera. On a side note: The plot of Weekend at Bernies has two hapless insurance employees having to pretend their boss is alive in order to keep from being murdered, the 1989 film is still considered a comedy classic.

Cyrus and Culkin were not the only celebs to be reported dead in 2014. Will Smith and Betty White were both, allegedly, reported to have shuffled off their mortal coil. Macaulay may have been booed off the stage in London when he performed there with The Pizza Underground, but he still has fans who were upset to learn that the now grown kid who was left alone at Christmas, a few times, had died.

Along with Cyrus, Culkin, Smith, and Betty White, Justin Bieber has been killed off on the Internet along with Lil Wayne and others this year. It appears that false death notifications are still popular despite the Paul Walker hoax last year where the late Fast & Furious star was the victim of a hoax the day before he really died in a fiery car crash.

November 30, 2013: Walker’s name was in the news initially because of a fake report stating the actor had died. The 40 year old actor was on break from filming the latest in the F&F franchise and attending his own charity event when the Internet went mental at the news of his death. Walker’s agent had to reassure the man’s fans that he was alive and well and the victim of a death hoax. Except by the time that the announcement was made, Paul Walker had died in a horrific car accident in St. Clarita Southern California.

Macaulay Culkin was not found Home Alone and dead and it appears that there was no lesson learned from the Paul Walker hoax from last year, which bizarrely forecast the death of the Fast & Furious star. In most cases the subject of the hoaxes are okay and in this case Macaulay is alive and well and making jokes about it. Rock on Culkin and The Pizza Underground, but you may want to avoid London while doing so.

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