Mama June Shannon Says Reconciliation With Sugar Bear Distinctly Possible

June Shannon, a.k.a “Mama June” has hinted at a possible reconciliation with estranged partner Sugar Bear (better known as Mike Thompson), from whom she separated back in September. The two are reportedly trying to repair their broken union, and she says that the father of Honey Boo Boo is more than willing to give things another go.

The 35-year-old recently gave an exclusive statement to popular gossip website TMZ in which she detailed the couple’s possible plans of getting back together, confirming rumors that Thompson was back living in the family home on a full-time basis (which began circulating the internet sometime in October, after multiple photographs showed him present at the house on more than one occasion.) She admits that finding a way to work through things and get back to their previous status will be difficult, as their relationship has been incredibly damaged by the last few month’s events. In this, Shannon is referring to the couple’s split over the fact that she had reconnected with her old flame, convicted child molester Mark McDaniel, since his release back in March. The mother of four reportedly never really got past her feelings for McDaniel, something that eventually took its toll on her relationship with Sugar Bear. She even went so far as to keep a box of mementos in the family home that related to her time with said former flame, refusing to part with it despite her partner’s continued reminders of how uncomfortable and unappreciated it made him feel.

Shannon makes it very clear that the two are in no way back together at the current moment, reiterating the fact that the union will take an inordinate amount of repair in order for the couple to even consider labelling themselves as in a relationship again. She admits that she was originally not telling the whole truth when she first put TMZ on blast for sharing a photograph of her in a hotel room with McDaniel shortly following his release from incarceration, accusing them of having photoshopped it and being unrelenting in terms of taking it down. She says that everyone makes mistakes and that while she knows she made some bad decisions, it should not be held against her forever. Shannon also insists that all contact with McDaniel has since been broken, after she fulfilled her daughter Lauryn’s wishes to meet with him and help get him back on his feet following his decade-long prison stint.

The reason behind the 14-year-old’s plea for her mother to meet with McDaniel reportedly lies with the fact that she was led to believe the man was her father for the first six years of her life. Shannon says she told this lie in order to protect the girl from who her father really was, another child predator who had stalked his victims online and was sentenced to prison for online exploitation of a 15-year-old. Upon realizing that McDaniel himself was a pedophile and had molested her own daughter Anna, Shannon says she was thrown for a loop and had no idea how to handle things. The truth eventually came out, but Lauryn was still attached to McDaniel as a father figure and asked her mother to meet with him in order to better gain closure on the situation.

It remains to be seen whether or not June Shannon and Mike Thompson will reconcile fully and return to their former relationship status. As of right now, they are said to be taking things one day at a time.

By Rebecca Grace

Radar Online

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