Mama June Shannon Struggles Through Awkward Dr. Phil Interview [Video]

June Shannon, former matriarchal figure of now canceled TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, struggled her way through an extremely awkward interview with popular talk show host Dr. Phil, in which she desperately tried (and seemingly failed) to clear her name in regards to the recent allegations she is romantically involved with a convicted child molester. The interview in question took place this past Monday, November 18.

Dr. Phil got straight to the point when it came to the matter at hand, not beating around the bush with pleasantries or the like for too long. One of main points the 64-year-old attempted to make to the 35-year-old mother of four was that she appeared to have something of a habit in dating men that were an endangerment towards children. This comment was in reference to the fact that Shannon has openly admitted to dating another child predator, a man who turned out to be the biological father of the her two middle children (Lauryn and Jessica.) The psychologists probes into this subject went unheeded, as the Georgia native did everything she could to evade the topic and simply echo random statements regarding McDaniel which she had already said in previous interviews.

These statements include her insistence that she had only seen McDaniel a few days since his release from prison back in March, and that she only did so in order to bring her daughter Lauryn some closure. Shannon reportedly gave the now 14-year-old girl the impression that McDaniel was her father, as he had raised her as his own since her birth. The reason behind this was said to lie with the mother not wanting Lauryn to know that her real father was the aforementioned other child molester, Michael Anthony Ford. She says that she wanted to protect the girl from the true identity of her father, and chose to use McDaniel as a replacement due to his allegedly clean reputation prior to his arrest. Lauryn is said to have been devastated when the man was sent to prison in 2004, raising the question as to why he would just leave if he really was her father. Shannon has been insistent that she only met with the man post-release because her daughter asked her to, and because it was in the best interest of her emotional stability.

In terms of McDaniel’s molestation of her oldest daughter Anna, for which he served the aforementioned 10 years, Shannon has given the statement that she was unaware of the proceedings due to being at work at the time it was going on. While she has admitted that she knew something was going on with her daughter, she has also expressed her view that the 20-year-old has a tendency to lie and embellish certain stories in order to receive more attention for them. She has flat-out denied Anna’s claims that her mother drained her bank account in order to buy extravagant gifts for McDaniel following his exit from prison, saying that the only reason she ever took money from said fund was to pay for her daughter’s rent and phone bill.

Dr. Phil McGraw has since given his own statement regarding his interview with June Shannon, expressing his opinion that she is a compulsive liar and refuses to admit she is attracted to dangerous men who put her children at risk. Shannon herself has not yet responded to these allegations.

By Rebecca Grace

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