Million Mask March Has Riot Police on Alert in London

Million Mask March
The London Million Mask March protest scheduled for today has police all over the city center on alert, blockading portions and wearing riot gear in anticipation of possible conflicts. The protest, one of multiple scheduled across Europe for November 5, is calling for the complete disruption of all traffic in the city. Organizing hacktivist group, Anonymous, has asked supporters to prevent any other than emergency vehicles from moving around London city in what they are calling a “massive blockade,” of the center. Anonymous is a group which has as a stated goal the opposition of austerity, mass surveillance, and human rights abuses. A recent communication said that the British government had “made an enemy” of the group and angered them. The city waits on alert to see if any significant disruption comes of the protest.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Pamela Drew – Flickr License

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