Nigeria School Suicide Bombing Kills 47

Police in Nigeria have confirmed that a suicide bombing at a secondary school in Potiskum has killed 47 people and injured 79 others. The bomber detonated the explosive at the Government Science Secondary School on the assembling ground full of students and staff. The bomber was disguised as a student, and was able to access the very crowded field. The tweet from police confirming the incident did not give any information about the severity of the injuries to the survivors, or whether the final death toll is expected to rise.

This is not the first suicide bombing in this town in Nigeria. Just shy of two weeks ago, another suicide bomber detonated a device at a procession of gathered Shiite Muslims, also in Potiskum. This explosion took the lives of 27 people. More information is expected to be released once the scene has been secured and processed, and as updates to the condition of the victims of the school bombing are given. Residents in the town are having to live with the fear of the possibility of another attack as they watch the cleanup of this morning’s tragedy.

By Jim Malone

Image Courtesy of S Martin – Flickr License

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