Nigeria Suspected Suicide Attack on Petrol Station

A truck unloading petrol at the Nagarshiku filling station in Kano, Nigeria was struck by a vehicle in what is suspected to have been a deliberate suicide attack and caused a massive explosion. The entire station, along with an adjacent bus depot, were set on fire. According to witnesses, the vehicle hit the truck and caused an immediate fireball which shot streams of fire in all directions. While not confirmed as a deliberate act officially, people at the scene have indicated that it did not appear to be an accidental crash.

There have been no reports yet of casualties from the blast other than, presumably, the two passengers in the vehicle which struck the truck. Eyewitnesses, however, report seeing nobody escape the flames, and have indicated that it is extremely unlikely that anyone at the filling station escaped with their lives. As the scene comes under control and the investigation proceeds, officials in Nigeria are expected to make a full report on the possible suicide attack.

By Jim Malone

Image courtesy of talatu-carmen – Flickr License

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