Once Upon a Time: Family Business (Recap/Review)

Once Upon a TimeFamily Business episode of Once Upon a Time finally revealed more about Snow Queen’s plan and her connection to Emma. Not only that, it appears that Belle is responsible for Anna’s disappearing and that she knows more than she is sharing with the others.

In Belle’s flashback, she and her mother are attacked by the Ogres and her mother does not survive. However, Belle loses her memories of what happened, so she decides to go to Arendelle, because the rock trolls might be able to restore her memory. On her way there, she meets Anna, who is also going to see the rock trolls, because she believes that her aunt is up to something. Obviously, Anna returned to Arendelle safe and sound, but she decided not to tell Elsa about why her parents went to the Enchanted Forest. However, Elsa told her sister that she has been learning to control her powers and that their aunt was helping her.

After Anna meets Ingrid, aka the Snow Queen, she realizes that she is up to something, so she decides to find out the truth. The rock trolls tell her that her mother had two other sisters, Ingrid and Helga, who one day just disappeared and the King decided to erase everyone’s memories of his two missing daughters. Also, Belle receives a rock, which will restore her memories if she makes a tea from it back at the place where she lost her memories. After she learns about Helga, Anna rushes back home to warn Elsa, but Snow Queen sends some nasty storm her way and Anna falls. She can barely hold herself and she is just about to fall into the abyss, but instead of helping her, Belle goes after that rock, which fell from her hands when a very powerful wind started blowing. The rock falls and she is too late to help Anna, who falls and as the Snow Queen approaches her niece, she takes away that magic box that turns into a hat. Anna becomes Ingrid’s prisoner, who tells her that she only wanted a family who will embrace her for who she is and that she will now have to find someone else to fill Anna’s place.

Back in Storybrooke, Belle uses the dagger on Rumpel, because he refuses to take her to the Snow Queen’s liar willingly. When she gets there, Belle sees the mirror and it starts telling her what a coward she is and that she has a fake dagger. Rumpel gets her away just in time and he manages to convince her that the mirror is lying. After that, he pays Snow Queen a visit. The two of them had one conversation before and Ingrid told Rumpel that he must stay out of her way, because she has the leverage. Rumpel now shows her the hat and he makes it clear that he is the one who has the leverage. Well, nobody messes with Rumple dearie and Snow Queen now knows that.

Emma and the gang find the ice cream truck and it appears that the Snow Queen has been following Emma for a very long time, since she has a pile of files on her from the day she first landed in this world. After she goes through the files, Emma finds out that the Snow Queen was her foster parent for six months, but Emma does not remember anything. However, judging from the things in the files, the two of them were quite close. Emma also finds a piece of paper with some hieroglyphics, but she has no idea what they mean. When they are all back at the Sheriff’s station, Elsa shows them a book with her family tree and she tells the gang that the Snow Queen is her aunt. However, after they see the picture of Helga, they realize that the third sister looks exactly like Swan. Also, Belle comes there and she tells the truth about Anna. Elsa sees the paper with hieroglyphs and she reads it. It looks like a prophecy that says that Emma is the saviour and that the saviour will become Ingrid’s sister. The Snow Queen obviously wants to replace Anna with Emma, however, as Belle tells them about the mirror, it becomes clear that Ingrid wants everyone else gone, so that it will be just her, Elsa and Emma. Apparently, her mirror has the power to turn people on one another and if that happens, people in Storybrooke will just start killing each other.

After a few episodes, the Snow Queen’s plan is finally revealed. Emma now knows why Ingrid is after her, the gang knows what her plan is and they can now start looking for a way to defeat her. Obviously, Ingrid’s weakness is family and they should find a way to use that in their favour. With the Family Business episode, Once Upon a Time got some very much-needed boost and it will be interesting to see how things and Snow Queen’s plan will develop in the upcoming episodes.

By: Janette Verdnik


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